Karnes County Texas history, with Helena and Daileyville

   Knee-high prairie grass.      Open rangeland.
Longhorn cattle, left over from the Spanish colonizing days, roamed freely throughout South Texas.
Longhorns were wild animals.    They thrived and increased like, well, you know, like rabbits.

   The pioneer families develop cattle ranches in South Texas, 1849 - 1860.
   The Civil War comes, 1861 - 1865.
   The Reconstruction Period brings carpet-bagger government, 1865 - 1874.
   Mexican raiders, cattle rustlers, thieves, outlaws, gunslingers.   The sixgun and the Winchester are the only law in South Texas.
   Cattle drives are developed on the Chisholm Trail, 1866 - 1885, to take the $4 cow to the $40 market at the new railroad towns in Kansas.
   The SAAP railroad is built from San Antonio to Aransas Pass, 1884 - 1887.
   The Sutton-Taylor feud in South Texas, 1866 - 1875.
   The Butler-Elder feud in Karnes County, 1884 - 1886.

THE  AFFAIR IN  HELENA,  1884,  two died.
Helena, Texas Ghost Town       Helena, Handbook of Texas       Helena (Didear,Thonhoff)      
Helena Town History                Alamita, the original Helena        

There never would have been a Karnes City town, but The Fracas at Daileyville
clouded the two widows' title to land at the first Kenedy townsite.

THE  FRACAS  AT  DAILEYVILLE,  1886,  five died.
Daileyville, Handbook of Texas

Butler,   Elder,   Bailey    genealogy                           

William Green Butler     "Trail Driver and Friend"

He built a major cattle and ranching empire which substantially developed Karnes County.  75,000 acres   and   10,000 cattle.
His friend Monroe Choate and his kid brother Pleas Butler helped.
Longhorn cattle helped Texas to climb up out of Carpet Bagger Reconstruction after the War.
This is a well-researched biographical article from the January 2002 issue of "The Kansas Cowboy" history newspaper.

Pleasant Burnell Butler     Uncle Pleas, his own story.
Trail Driver, Cattleman, Gentleman.      His ranching acreage was also vast.   14 years younger than his brother William Green "Bill" Butler.

James Monroe Choate    Karnes County cattleman,   Chisholm Trail pioneer.
A nostalgic story by his neighbor Beauregard Choate Moye.      Monroe Choate and Bill Butler were good friends.
On a typical drive to Kansas, there was one trail boss, one cook with the chuck wagon, 10 cowboys, 60 horses, 2000 Longhorn steers.

James Monroe Choate    The Champion of Karnes County
This is a well-researched biographical article from the July 2002 issue of "The Kansas Cowboy" history newspaper.


Abilene Kansas   In 1867, a quiet village became the first western Kansas railroad town to receive trailed Texas Longhorns for shipment to the East.
 A young South Texas gunslinger, John Wesley Hardin, beats City Marshal Wild Bill Hickok in a fastdraw confrontation on Main Street.

Gunslinger John Wesley Hardin     PK Preacher's Kid.  He killed 30 (one for snoring).

The Chisholm Trail

The Sutton-Taylor feud     Longest and bloodiest in Texas history.   With the story of Old Indianola.
The Sutton-Taylor feud         Handbook of Texas

Carolyn's Karnes County Page

Seven  snapshots  of  Kenedy                        
                                                                                                 These are old souvenir post cards.

Kenedy Baseball 1921     Dode Young's Pool Hall.    How to play "Moon."

Karnes County  Handbook of Texas
Kenedy             Handbook of Texas
Karnes City       Handbook of Texas
Runge                Handbook of Texas
Panna Maria      Handbook of Texas


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