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Obituary ~ John A. Gillkin

Photographs ~ A Jennette family reunion

Lighthouse Digest Magazine

May, 2008

~Return to Cape Fear ~

Please follow the above link to read about

 Lighthouse Keeper, Devaney F. Jennette

and his descendants who returned to the

island where he lived and died

as a lighthouse keeper.  





For those who would like to submit documents, letters, photographs, stories, or any other item you think would aid in the study of our family's history, please drop me a line by using the email link below. 


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United States Lighthouse Establishment

Devaney Farrow Jennette

October 12, 1908 - 1911

August 20, 1917 - December 5, 1932


~ Documents ~

Service timeline 

Appointments in chronological order

Thomas Point Shoals Light Station ~ Smith Point Light Station

Pamlico Point Light Station ~ Hunting Island Light Station

Cape Fear Light Station


Declaration of appointee


~Letters ~

Request for leave

page 1page 2 ~ page 3

Request for transfer to Cape Hatteras

Acknowledgement  of relationship to Unaka B. Jennette

page 1 ~ page 2 ~

Arrival at Cape Fear Light Station


~His Death ~

Lighthouse service - Notice of death

Report of injury (death)

Letter of health by Ella H. Jennette (wife)

Replacement for D. F. Jennette

Letters from Light keeper Swan to Sup't of Lighthouses

Letter 1 ~ Letter 2


United States Lighthouse Service

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