NameEduard Nonolenski [19]
Birthabt 1770, Poland
Deathbef 1836, Hamburg, Germany [19]
Birth23 Aug 1797, Glinde, Hamburg, Germany [12]
Death1852, Hermann, Gasconade, MO [19]
Marriage30 Oct 1821, Hamburg, Germany [8]
2 MEduard Nonchen
Notes for Eduard Nonolenski
Bought a large piece of heathland about 15 miles north of Hamburg that eventually became a beautiful estate known as “Glinde.” Eduard settled there after fleeing Poland after “an election” and shorting his name to Nonchen.

He had 7 daughters and 2 sons. His wife was careful not to raise her daughter as “farm-girls” and they could all sing many German songs and recite from memory many German and French poems. There was always a good house-teacher for their education. At the time (1812), Napoleon controlled the area and had many soldiers in the area. They often quartered at Glinde, as they ran a good kitchen there. This was apparently not will received, as Bertha (granddaugther) notes “the big living room was given over to the hostile officers and the family lived upstairs. For the most part, the girls seldom let themselves be seen in the living room.”

Later in life, Eduard had a friend Herr Prinzhousen, who lived with them for time at Glinde. UPone is death, he left Eduard to administer an estate worth a million marks. He d the university expensese for twelve young students, and also for 12 young men to learn a good trade. [19]
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