Birth17 Sep 1670, New London, New London, CT [158]
Movebef 1699, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ
Will22 Sep 1733, Cedar Creek Lanoka, Ocean, NJ [665]
Deathbef 22 Jan 1733/4, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [665]
Death MemoSon acted on his will.
FatherGabriel WOODMANSEE (1633-1688)
MotherSarah (Woodmansee) (1647-1729)
SpouseMary Ware?
Death1762, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [1]
1 FSarah Woodmansee
Birthabt 1708, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ
Deathaft 1733
SpouseEphraim Potter
Marriage30 Sep 1733, Monmouth Co, NJ [665]
2 FElizabeth Woodmansee
Birthabt 1710, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ
Deathaft 1733
3 FHannah Woodmansee
Birthabt 1712, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ
Deathbef 9 May 1769, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [665]
Death MemoAdministrator appointed for husband’s estate
SpouseDavid Killey
Marriage25 Feb 1730, Monmouth Co, NJ [98]
4 FMargaret Woodmansee
Birthabt 1713, Monmouth Co, NJ [665]
Deathaft 24 May 1781, New Jersey [665]
Death MemoNamed in husband’s will
SpouseJohn Corlies
Marriage1730, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [665]
5 MJohn Woodmansee
Birthabt 1717, Monmouth Co, NJ [665]
Deathbef 27 Apr 1796, (Will proven) Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [665]
SpouseBathsheba Allen
Marriage8 Feb 1739, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ [665]
Birth14 Nov 1719, Cedar Creek, Monmouth, NJ [93], [665]
Death13 Jul 1799, Dover, Monmouth, NJ [93]
BurialGood Luck Cem, Lanoka Harbor, NJ
Marriage21 Dec 1744, Dover, Monmouth, NJ [98]
7 FLydia Woodmansee
Birthabt 1722, Monmouth Co, NJ [665]
SpouseJoseph Graves
Marriage13 Apr 1741, Monmouth Co, NJ [98]
8 FAbigail Woodmansee
Birthabt 1725
Deathabt 1795
SpouseDavid Rolph
9 FAnn Woodmansee
Birthabt 1727
SpouseEbenezer Collins
Marriage27 Dec 1748, Monmouth Co, NJ [98]
10 MGabriel Woodmansee
Birthabt 1729
Death3 Mar 1802, Cedar Creek, Ocean, NJ [93]
11 MJames Woodmansee
Birth26 Aug 1732, Monmouth Co, NJ [665]
Death29 Jan 1818, Butler Co, OH [665]
SpouseHannah Warden
Marriage5 Oct 1758, Monmouth Co, NJ [98]
Notes for Thomas WOODMANSEE
Parentage established through a 1707 deed in which Thomas, mariner of Shrewsbury, NJ, quitclaimed all interest in the estate of his father Gabriel, late of New London, to his brother John, for £10. In 1720, Joseph Woodmansee, of Groton, quitclaimed for £8 his interest and that of his brother Thomas in their father Gabriel's estate to their brother Gabriel.

His first wife was Hannah ____, whose identity is revealed only by lists of witnesses at Quaker meetings at Shewsbury. Thomas and Hannah Woodmansee appear from 1699 to 1706, and Thomas continues to appear until 1710.

His first son Thomas was probably by his first wife. Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Margaret, John, David and Lydia are ambiguous, but as they were not married until the 1730s, they were likely born after 1706, when Hannah seemingly passed away.

Thomas’ will directs that his plantation in Shrewsbury be sold, and also that his interest in his father’s land in New London be sold. His son Thomas sold the New London land on 22 Jan 1733/4. Thomas got 5 shillings, John, David, Gabriel and James, £5, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Margaret £4, son-in-law Epheraim Potter and daughters Leadea, Abigail and Ann, £4. Wife Mary got the rest. The will was proven 18 Jan 1737. [665]
Notes for Mary Ware?
Thomas’ second wife Mary is named in his will. An account by a descendant in the Toms River (NJ) Courier in 1930 gives her last name as Ware. The “Williams” often seen as the name of his first wife may come from the George Williams who served as an executor to his will dated 22 Sep 1733. [665]
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