NameJoshua W. LYNCH
Birth25 May 1790, St. Mary’s Co, MD [262], [789]
Census1820, St. Mary’s Co, MD
Movebef 1835, Ohio
Move1841, Gallatin, Daviess, MO
Land Purch1 May 1843, Daviess Co, MO [238]
Census23 Aug 1850, Daviess Co, MO
Death15 Jul 1859, Gallatin, Daviess, MO [262], [789, p. 4]
FatherThomas Lynch (1758-1831)
MotherElizabeth Watts (1755-<1824)
Marriage29 Dec 1821, St. Mary’s Co, MD [295]
SpouseAnn Tea
Birth13 Feb 1792, Baltimore, MD [262]
Birth Memophoto in Lynch book
Birth12 Feb 1792 [789]
Birth Memomay be a typo
Death7 Mar 1874, Daviess Co, MO [262], [789]
Death Memophoto in Lynch book
1 MThomas Beechum Lynch
Birth18 Nov 1824, Muskingum, Licking, OH [756], [789]
Death20 Aug 1918, Daviess Co, MO [789, p. 13. Cites obituary.]
SpouseMary Adelia Kelso
Marriage24 Apr 1860, Daviess Co, MO [43]
Birth22 Feb 1827, Licking County, Ohio [789]
Birthabt 1827, Muskingum, Licking, OH [756, abt 1827 Muskingum]
Death2 May 1890, Daviess Co, MO [789]
Death Memoof cancer
Marriage24 Aug 1848, Daviess Co, MO [43]
BirthFeb 1831, Muskingum, Licking, OH [1001]
DeathApr 1903, Daviess Co, MO [1001]
BurialMcCrary Cem, Daviess Co, MO
Marriage1 May 1854, Daviess Co, MO [43]
4 FCatherine Lynch
Birth2 Dec 1832, Muskingum, Licking, OH [1003]
Death5 Aug 1891, Daviess Co, MO [1003]
SpouseIsaac Allen
Marriage22 Mar 1849, Daviess Co, MO [43]
Birth8 Aug 1835, Ohio [756], [7]
Death17 Jul 1929, Daviess Co, MO [270], [7]
BurialDaviess Co, MO
Marriage24 Mar 1857, Daviess Co, MO [1001]
6 MWilliam Lynch
Birthabt 1840, Ohio [36]
DeathCivil War [756]
SpouseAmanda Jane Scott
Marriage1857, California [1001]
Notes for Joshua W. LYNCH
St. Mary’s Cty Court Equity Papers show Joshua in 1832 battle over estate of Thomas Lynch, Sr. against Thomas Lynch, Jr. Also involved were Catherine L., Kenelm B.W. L., Rebecca Freeman, Thomas Freeman, Eliz. Burford, and McKelvie Hammette.

Joshua and Annie moved to Ohio shortly after their marriage, where they lived for 15 years before moving to Daviess County in 1839. They appear on tax records for Licking County, Ohio for 1826-1829 and in Hopewell Township in Licking County 1830-1836. Joshua had 91.65 acres of land. Records show he made payments on the cost of $103.10 from May of 1829 to 1834. (By comparison, a cow costs $5.)

Joshua bought 160 acres in Daviess County in 1839. Familiy legend says they came by covered wagon, and stories of the time indicate there were few residents or institutions of any kind. They paid $600 for the land, and sold it two years later for the same sum, but had to bring suit to collect on the purchase price. They also received two land grants, for 80 acres each, in 1843 and 1878.
Census notes for Joshua W. LYNCH
1820 St. Mary’s MD: 1m 10-16, 1 26-45, 1f 10-16, 1f 45+ (p. 69). (2/6/04)
1850 Daviess, MO: Joshua 60 MD [farmer 400]; Anne 55 MD; Thomas B. 24 OH [farmer]; Mary 18 OH, John 12 OH; William 10 OH; Isaac 19 TN; Catherine 16 OH; John 4/12 MO (p. 365 [son-in-law Sam McAfee 2 pages away; way future in-law Coles next page]) (11/28/98)
Notes for Ann Tea
Family legend says she was an Indian woman orignally named “Tea.” [756] The new Lynch book says “Darth Miller has found her parents in Maryland.” [789]

Annie’s granddaughter tells stories that Annie smoked a pipe and would blow smoke in her ears when she had an earace. When they lived in Ohio, they would sleep away from the house to avoid Indians. She would take dirt in a sieve and walk backward and use the dirt to cover their tracks. The granddaugther’s granddaugther now has a set of tongs that Annie used to get hot coals into her pipe. [789]

Son John’s death certificate gives parents as Joshua Lynch b. MD and Anna Tea b. VT.
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