NameNathaniel Mott
Christen21 Aug 1631, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England [375]
Movebef 1656, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [500]
Death23 Feb 1675, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Death Memo“Kill’d by the Indiana.” [Probably 1675/6, given birthdate of last son]
Marriage25 Dec 1656, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Marr MemoPerformed by William Allis
SpouseHanna Niles? [Shooter]
Birth16 Feb 1637/1638, Of Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Deathaft 1675
1 MNathaniel Mott
Birth28 Dec 1657, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Death13 Mar 1660, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Birth19 Aug 1659, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Deathaft 27 Mar 1693, Lyme, New London, CT [634]
Marriage16 Oct 1683, New Shoreham, Washington, RI [78]
3 MNathaniel Mott II
Birth30 Aug 1661, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162], [4]
Deathbef 12 Dec 1717, (will prv) New Shoreham, Washington, RI [634]
SpouseHepzibah Winsley
Marriage29 Nov 1682, Braintree or Salisbury, MA [634]
Marriage23 Jan 1691, New Shoreham, Washington, RI [78]
4 FMary Mott
Birth15 Dec 1664, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
5 FLydia Mott
Birth5 Feb 1666, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
DeathNew Shoreham (Block Isl), RI
SpouseCaleb Littlefield
Birth19 Feb 1668/1669, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Deathbef 16 Apr 1753, (will prv) Lyme, New London, CT [634]
Marriage6 Apr 1692, Lyme, New London, CT [171]
7 FElizabeth Mott
Birth17 May 1671, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Deathaft 17 Aug 1713, of Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Death Memochild born
SpouseEdmund Littlefield
Marriage30 Dec 1690, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [634]
8 MExperience Mott
Death24 Dec 1672, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Birth11 May 1673, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Deathbef 26 May 1735, (will adm) Westerly, Washington, RI [687]
Marriage3 Dec 1695, New Shoreham, Newport, RI [78]
10 MEbenezer Mott
Birth7 Dec 1675, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Death1 Jan 1736/7, Scituate, Plymouth, MA [217]
SpouseGrace Vinal
Marriage19 Feb 1699/1700, Scituate, Plymouth, MA [217]
Notes for Nathaniel Mott
Listed in 1643 at Scituate as man able to bear arms. In 1645 he was a soldier in the Narraganset expedition against the Indians. No further records until his 1656 marriage to Hannah, widow of Peter Shooter. In 1663, he was living on Mr. Parker’s farm (Middlesex Ct. Rec) - either Richard Parker’s grant or Moore’s farm. Mott was probably the tenant farmer. He also had land near Elm St. and Monataquot River in 1662. In 1674/5, a widow sold her land which had been late in the
‘tenure and occupation’ of Nathanial Mott. Killed by Indians in 1675/6 according to Braintree records. (From Sprague Manuscript at NEHGS, Register, Am. Gen Vol 19 and Middlesex Recs, passed on by Frederick Myers ( 12/94)

Savage’s: NATHANIEL, Scituate, able to bear arms 1643, rem. to Braintree, m. 1656, Hannah, Shooter had Nathaniel, b. 28 Dec. 1657.

The most commonly used birthdate of this man is 21 Aug 1631 in Braintree. This makes him too young to bear arms in 1643. Furthermore, it is the baptism date found for the son of Nathaniel Mott and Elizabeth Bridett in Hertfordshire. If he was baptized at several years old, which is possible given that a sister was baptized just two days later, this could be the right Nathaniel. However, this family also baptized a Nathaniel in 1639, which typically indicates the first kid died. [2]
Notes for Hanna Niles? [Shooter]
Widow of Peter Shooter. Often listed as the possible daughter of John Niles. 1637 birthdate is for his daughter. See son Edward's wife Penelope for that ancestry. If that is the case, she would have been only about 16 when she married Peter.
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