NameDr. Samuel WORDEN
Birth1646, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [618]
Land Purch8 Jul 1695, Pettiquamscut, RI
MoveDec 1696, Kingston, Washington, RI
Land Purch12 May 1709, Stonington, New London, CT (50A and 100A tracts)
Death25 Aug 1716, Stonington, New London, CT [156]
Death MemoAge 71
BurialWequetequoc Cove, Stonington, New London, CT
FatherPeter WORDEN II (1609-1681)
MotherMary (Worden) (~1610-1697)
Other spousesFrances West
Marriagebef 1665, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [618]
Marr MemoCourt recs ref as married
SpouseHopestill HOLLEY
Birthabt 1646, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
Death13 Sep 1715, Stonington, New London, CT [156]
BurialWequetequoc Cove, Stonington, New London, CT
FatherJoseph HOLWAY (1605-1647)
MotherRose ALLEN (~1610->1683)
Birthabt 1668, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Death18 Nov 1732, Warwick, Kent Co, RI [1073]
Marriage20 Feb 1693, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA [190]
Birthabt 1670, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Death17 Sep 1727, S. Kingston, Washington, RI [78]
3 MIsaac Worden
Birthabt 1673, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Deathbef 11 Aug 1718, Stonington, New London co, CT [1073]
4 FRose Worden
Birthabt 1674, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Deathaft 1716, of Stonington, New London, CT
SpouseRichard Partlow
5 MThomas Worden
Birthabt 1675, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Death6 Nov 1759, Norwich, New London Co, CT [359]
SpouseSarah Butler
Marriage9 Dec 1708, Stonington, New London, CT [156]
6 MDr. Nathaniel Worden
Birthabt 1679, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Deathbef 7 Nov 1738, (will prv) Greenwich, Fairfield, CT [1002,]
7 FMary Worden
Birthabt 1680, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Deathbef 1728, of Westerly, Washington, RI
SpouseDaniel Wilcox
Birthabt 1682, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Deathaft 1716, of Westerly, Washington, RI
Notes for Dr. Samuel WORDEN
FIrst mention in Plymouth Court 1665 when Wm. Newland, husb of Rose Holley, widow of Joseph, was required by the Court to pay Joseph’s kids £20. One kid was “Hopestill, wife of Samuel Werden.” He was also in Court in 1668 after 2 men tried to break in and attack his wife and sister. He attested the inventory of his father’s estate on Mar 21, 1680/1. On June 6, 1682, he is listed in the Court record as desiring to move. [ [618]]

Sometime before 1693, Dr. Samuel bought land in Rhode Island, because in a deed registered there on 19 September 1693, Werden's Pond is called by his name. (Old N.K. Land Evidences, Volume 1, Page 223 in S.K. Townhouse.)

On 8 July 1695, he bought land consisting of 250 acres from Benedict Arnold, one of the original purchasers of a tract of land in this "collony comonly called Pitticomcott." This was originally purchased by Benedict Arnold in 1658 and comprises the present towns of South Kingston and Narragansett. It’s bordered on the South by Joseph Hull, on the West by what is now Worden Pond. [ [1014], [618]]

On 12 Feb 1696/7, Dr. Samuel sold his farm in the town of Yarmouth, Mass. to Isaac Chapman "except one half aker of land which I Samuel Werden except and reserve to myself and to my fathers posterity forever, lying square about the place where my father Werden was buried, out of the aforementioned farm, notwithstanding whatever is said above to the contrary, with free liberty of ingress and egress with horse or cart or foot from the common highway to same to have and to hold forever." He therefore preserved this land to all Wordens forever.[ [1014]] The deed is now preserved in the Masonic Museum of Nat’l Heritage in Salem. Samuel then moved to Kingstowne, RI and was active in its development. He was referred to as “Dr.” but there is no record of his training.[ [618]]

On Apr 5, 1708 he sold 250 acres in RI to Edward Greenman. On May 12, 1709, he bought 150 acres in Stonington, CT and gave 30 acres to son Nathaniel, 20 to son Thomas. He moved to the remaining 100 and lived there until his death. When his wife Hopestill died there in 1715, he had notice of her death and burial inserted in the Norwich town record, where his son Thomas lived. [ [618]]

His will is in the probate record of 24 Sep 1716. Son Isaac was one of the administrators.[ [1073]] On 22 Jan. 1716/17 Richard PARTLOW in right of his wife ROSE and Thomas WARDEN, all of Stonington, CT; Peter WORDEN, John HOLLOWAY in -right of his wife Hopestill and Daniel WILCOX in right of his wife Mary, all of Westerly, RI, the said Rose, Hopestill & Mary being daughters of Dr. Samuel WARDEN late of Stonington, deceased were notified that Isaac WARDEN, of Stonington, administrator of Dr. WARDEN's estate was to give an accounting of said estate. On 8 Apr 1718 Rebekah & Thomas WORDEN & Peter BOLTON, all of Stonington with Richard CHRISTOPHER of Stonington as surety, gave bond in the amount of 100 pounds for the estate of Dr. Samuel WORDEN of Stonington deceased. Rebekah WORDEN was the widow of Isaac WORDEN (New London, CT Probate YR 1716, File 5842 & YR 1718, File #5843 - Conn. State Library, accounted at
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