NameGeorge ALLEN
Birth Memoage 54 in early 1635
Immigration6 May 1635, Weymouth, MA aboard the Speedwell (Hull’s Colony) [1046]
Move1637/8, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [1046]
Freeman3 Sep 1639, Plymouth Co, MA [1046]
Burial2 May 1648, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [202], [225]
Will7 Jun 1648, (prbt) Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [1046]
Will MemoProbated
Birthabt 1610, England
Deathaft 4 May 1683, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [677]
Death MemoWitnessed marriage
Marriageabt 1628, England
SpouseWilliam Newland
Marriage19 May 1648, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA [223]
2 MJohn Allen
Birthabt 1610, England
Christen3 May 1690, Swansea, Bristol Co, MA [1046]
3 MRalph Allen
Birthabt 1615, England
DeathMar 1697/98, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [1046]
4 MRobert Allen
Birthabt 1623, England
Death15 May 1661, Rehoboth, Plymouth (now Bristol) Co, MA [1046]
Death MemoSuicide
Never married
5 MGeorge Allen
Birth1619, England [1046]
Birth Memoage 16 in 1635
Death1693, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA [1046]
6 MFrancis Allen
Birthabt 1623, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [1001]
Death1 Dec 1696, Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MA [1001]
SpouseMary Barlow
Marriage20 Jul 1662, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA [202]
Notes for George ALLEN
Sailed on the "Speedwell," from Weymouth, England, arriving in Boston, MA, on 6 May 1635. Altogether, they were George Allen (age 54), his wife (30yo), son George (16yo), son William (8yo), son Matthew (6yo) and a 20-year-old servant named Edward Poole. They were traveling in the company led by Rev. Joseph Hull.[ [1002]] This party was granted leave to settle at Wessaguscus Plantation on 8 July 1635 by the General Court at Boston.  Wessaguscus was soon given municipal rights, at which time it was renamed Weymouth.[ [1046]]

George was recommended as Freeman status in Plymouth Colony on 5 March 1638/39, and was granted the status on 3 September 1639.  George was subsequently sworn in as the Constable of Sandwich on 4 June 1639, and served as Surveyor of Highways in 1640.  He also served as a Committeeman for the New Plymouth Court in 1640, 1641, 1642, and 1644.[ [1046]] "Able to bear arms" in 1643 in Yarmouth.

Despite frequent citations to the contrary, this is not the George Allen who married as his second wife, Katherine Slarkes, on 5 November 1624 in All Hallows Church, Honey Lane, London. There is fairly strong evidence that this George was still in London when he ws mentioned in his brother Henry’s will in 1640. Also, not the son of John Allen of Saltford in Somersetshire, England. There is strong evidence that indicates that this George was still residing at Saltford in 1638, when he was involved in a court case regarding tenements in the Tything of Saltford.  By 1638, our George Allen was already well established at Sandwich on Cape Cod. [ [1046]]

Savage’s : GEORGE, Lynn 1636, rem. next yr. to Sandwich, was rep. 1641 and 2 at Plymouth. He was bur. 2 May 1648; and his will, witness. by Rev. William Leveridge, and others, ment. s. Matthew, Henry, Samuel, and William, beside "five least ch." not nam. and made w. Catharine Extrix. His ho. built, 1646, it is said, is in good repair, and still occup. [later entries for George and Ralph say possible sons]

8g grandfather of Winston Churchill.
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