NameCapt. John WHIPPLE
Birthabt 1617, England
Immigration16 Sep 1632, Boston aboard the Lyon
Land Purch1637, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [Grant]
MoveJul 1659, Providence, Providence Co, RI
Freeman31 May 1666, Providence, Providence Co, RI [501]
Will8 May 1682, Providence, Providence Co, RI [501]
Will MemoPrv 27 May 1685
Death10 May 1685, Providence, Providence Co, RI [79]
BurialNorth Burial Ground, Providence, RI [79]
OccupationCarpenter, Tavernkeeper [1051]
Marriage1639, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [684]
SpouseSarah Darling?
Birth1624, Dorchester, England [684]
Death1666, Providence, Providence Co, RI [79]
BurialNorth Burial Ground, Providence, RI [79]
Christen9 Mar 1640/1, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death15 Dec 1700, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Marriage4 Dec 1663, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
SpouseRebecca Scott
Marriage15 Apr 1678, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Christen6 Feb 1641/2, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death23 Jul 1681, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [1001]
Marriageabt 1659, Providence, Providence Co, RI
Christen17 Mar 1644, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death12 Mar 1711, Providence, Providence Co, RI [79]
BurialNorth Burial Ground, Providence, RI [79]
Marriageabt 1665, Providence, Providence Co, RI
Christen8 Mar 1646, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death25 Aug 1719, Providence?, Providence, RI [79], [697]
BurialWhipple-Mowry Lot, Lincoln, Providence, RI [79]
Marriage26 Jan 1669, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Christen9 Apr 1648, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [698]
Death12 Jul 1698, Providence, Providence Co, RI [1051]
Marriage9 Mar 1665/6, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
6 MWilliam Whipple
Christen16 May 1652, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death12 Mar 1712, Smithfield, Providence Co, RI [697]
SpouseMary Towers
7 MBenjamin Whipple
Christen4 Jun 1654, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death11 May 1704, Providence, Providence Co, RI [698]
SpouseRuth Matthewson
Marriage1 Apr 1686, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Christen28 Sep 1656, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Death18 Dec 1710, Attelboro, Bristol Co, MA [697]
Marriage15 May 1675, Hingham, Plymouth Co, MA [123]
SpouseHannah Tower
Marriage11 Nov 1677, Hingham, Plymouth, MA [78]
Birth1662, Providence, Providence Co, RI [698]
Death28 Apr 1746, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
BurialNorth Burial Ground, Providence, RI [79]
Marriage20 May 1684, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Birthabt 1658, Providence, Providence Co, RI [698]
Death19 Aug 1725, Providence, Providence Co, RI [78]
Marriage1 Nov 1677, Providence, Providence Co, RI [697]
SpouseWilliam Hopkins
MarriageJan 1682, Providence, Providence Co, RI [501]
11 MJonathan Whipple
Birth1664, Providence, Providence Co, RI [697]
Death8 Sep 1721, Providence, Providence Co, RI [697]
Death8 Sep 1721, Providence, Providence Co, RI [697]
Marriageabt 1690
SpouseAnne Darling
Notes for Capt. John WHIPPLE
Came to Dorchester 1632 aboard the "Lyon" with his master Israel Stoughton. Received grant of land in Dorchester in 1637. Moved to Providence in Jul 1659 (after selling his Dorchester land on 15 Nov 1658). His house was the oldest building in Providence. [ [684]]

Served as deputy to the general court in 1666, as town selectman and treasurers in the 1670s, and as a member of numerous town committees in Providence. Among other land transactions is found “On 6 June 1681 John Whipple Sr. was granted permission to exchange his twenty-five acres at Goatum valley "which he bought of Mr. Benedict Arnold" [ PrTR 8:98].”[ [501]]

Savage’s: JOHN, Providence, was first at Dorchester, as early as 1632, in the serv. of Israel Stoughton, was a carpenter, join. with the ch. in 1641, had John, bapt. 7 Mar. 1641; Sarah, 6 Feb. 1642; Samuel, 17 Mar. 1644; Eleazer, 8 Mar. 1646; Mary, 9 Apr. 1648; William, 16 May 1652; Benjamin, 4 June 1654; and David, 28 Sept. 1656; sold his ho. and 40 or 50 acres to George Minot, 1658, and rem. [[vol. 4, p. 506]] soon aft. to P. and in the summer of 1659 was adm. there as inhab. own. alleg. to the k. 31 May 1666, with his eldest s. had Joseph; Jonathan; and Abigail there; prob. d. soon aft. 16 May 1685, the date of his will.[note, will dated 1682] Sarah m. a Smith; Mary m. 9 Mar. 1666, Epenetus Olney; and Abigail m. William Hopkins.

NOTE: There are two John Whipples in Mass in the 1630s. One is a son of the Matthew Whipple from Bocking, Eng. He and his brother Matthew came over at the same time as our John. They lived in the same area in England, but no relation has been proven. The data in AF ties Mary to the wrong John. Whipple Org answers the question:
Will notes for Capt. John WHIPPLE
In his will, dated 8 May 1682 and proved 27 May 1685, John Whipple Sr. of Providence "being in a great measure of health ... having many children & to prevent all differences that otherwise may hereafter arise ... having formerly given unto three of my sons all my lands ... namely Samuell, Eliazer, & William equally to be divided among them ... only excepting thirty acres which I gave unto my son John at the northwest end"; to "my three aforenamed sons, namely Samuell, Eliazer & William, each of them a quarter part of one right of commoning for pasturing, cutting of timber, & firewood"; to "my son Benjamin a right of lands in the late division which is already laid out"; to "my son David a right of lands in the late division which is already laid out unto him"; to "my son Jonathan twenty-five acres on which he now dwelleth"; to "my son Jonathan one division of lands"; to "my son Joseph my dwelling house & my three home lots & the garden next the river, also a six acre lot ... also twenty acres near Thomas Clemence his dwelling, also I give unto my son Joseph my share of meadow near Solletarey Hill & two six acre lots ... also a five acre lot lying near where William Wickenden formerly dwelt; also one division beyond the Seven Mile Line ... also I do give unto my son Joseph all other divisions which shall hereafter belong unto two rights throughout"; to "my sons John, Samuell, Eliazer, William, Benjamin, David & Jonathan unto these seven twelve pence to every of them"; to "my three daughters (namely) Sarah, Mary & Abigall unto every of them ten shillings"; to "my son Joseph all my right of lands in the Narragansett Country"; to "my son Joseph" residue; "my son Joseph my executor" [ PrTR 6:126-28]. Thomas Olney deposed that he had gone to John Whipple, at his request, and obtained clarification of some of the bequests [ PrTR 6:128-30].
   The inventory of John Whipple Sr. was taken 22 May 1685 and totalled £41 11s. 10d., including no real estate [ PrTR 6:130-34].
Notes for Sarah Darling?
There’s no supporting documentation for the They or Darling name often given. Her tombstone says d. 1666, age 42, born in Dorchester. Since whites were settled only in Plymouth in 1624, she had to have been born in either Plymouth or England.
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