Birthabt 1609, Herne Hill, Kent, England
ImmigrationSep 1635, Boston aboard the James [from London]
Land Purch1657, Ipswich, Essex, MA
Move1659, Andover, Essex Co, MA
Deathabt 1685, Andover, Essex Co, MA
Marriageabt 1630, Herne Hill, Kent, England
SpouseSusanna (Johnson)
Death12 Sep 1683, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
Birthabt 1631, Herne Hill, Kent, England
Death15 Feb 1718/9, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
SpouseMary Holt
Marriage5 Jul 1657, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
2 MStephen Johnson
Birthabt 1637, Ipswich, Essex, MA
Death30 Nov 1690, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
SpouseElizabeth Dane
Marriage5 Nov 1661, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
3 FMary Johnson
Birthabt 1638, Ipswich, Essex, MA
SpouseEphraim Davis
Marriage29 Dec 1660, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
4 FHannah Johnson
Birthabt 1641, Ipswich, Essex, MA
SpouseSamuel Hutchins
Marriage24 Jun 1662, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
5 FSusanna Johnson
Birthabt 1645, Ipswich, England
Death9 Sep 1684, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
SpouseWilliam Wright
Marriage26 Feb 1667, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
6 FJoanna Johnson
Birthabt 1650, Ipswich, Essex, MA
SpouseMoses Haggett
Marriage23 Oct 1671, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
7 MTimothy Johnson
Birthabt 1650, Ipswich, Essex, MA
Death15 Mar 1687, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
SpouseRebecca Aslett
Marriage15 Dec 1674, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
Birth1652, Ipswich, Essex, MA
Death16 Apr 1727, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
Marriage23 May 1678, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
SpouseHannah Lazell [Turner]
Marriage25 Nov 1707, Andover, Essex Co, MA [56]
Notes for John JOHNSON
Immigrated as a young man (listed as age 26 on the passenger list) with his wife, 3 year-old daughter Elizabeth, and son Thomas. They settled in Ipswich north of Boston, where John had a lot on Argella Road next to Rev. Francis Dane. (Rev. Dane later served at Andover for years, and was part of a political battle that got his daughter Elizabeth Dane Johnson and 3 of her children accused of witchcraft in 1692).

In 1657, John and his son Thomas, soon to be married, were assigned lots in the new town of Andover (inland and several miles from Ipswich today). The Johnsons and the Danes moved to Andover about 1659. John appears as a normal citizen, on juries, in the militia and taking the oath of allegience on 11 Feb 1678 (his sons Thomas, Steven, Returne and William took the oath the same day). (see and William Johnson's 1892 "Johnson Family: Records of John Johnson of Ipswich and Andover")

John's son Thomas is tied to him thorugh a deed dated Sept. 12, 1715, which identified Thomas Johnson, "son and heir" to John Johnson, dec'd. The deed conveyed commonage in Ipswich originally granted to John in 1635. The other children attributed to John were not tied to him through primary sources as of the 1892 book, and a more recent account is not available at NEHGS. They are, however, generally accepted as his children because they are the only Johnsons in Andover at the time, and the timing of the marriages fits a generational pattern. [2]

Note: "Herne Hill" is not an official town, though most sources list that as John's origin. "Herne" is in Kent, north of Canterbury, where Isaac and Edward Johnson are reportedly from. The connection (to John) apparently comes from a reference in Bailey's History of Andover.

John may be connected to Solomon Johnson, who lived next door to him in Lancaster.
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