NameThomas LAMBERT
Christen2 Feb 1581, Thorncombe, Dorset, England [501]
Immigration30 May 1630, Dorchester aboard the Mary and John [501]
Freeman18 May 1631, Massachusetts Bay Colony [501]
Move1639, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [501]
Will23 Mar 1662/3, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [501]
Deathbef 8 Feb 1664/5, (inv) Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [501]
FatherRichard Lombard (~1550-)
Birth1607, Thorncombe, Dorset, England [501]
Deathaft 20 Feb 1668, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [501]
2 MThomas Lambert
Christen7 Sep 1602, Thorncombe, Dorset, England [645]
Notes for Thomas LAMBERT
Accumulated about 18 acres in Dorchester from grants starting in 1636. Moved to Barnstable by 1639 where on 3 December 1639 allowed by Plymouth General Court "to keep victualling or an ordinary, for entertainment of passengers, and to draw wine at Barnstable, he keeping good order in his house" [ PCR 1:137] (also indicating he was *already* there, before Rev. Lothrop arrived with the main group of settlers in 1639)

Children of second wife, who died in England or shortly after: Thomas bpt Thorncombe 9 Oct 1617, Joshua, bpt Thorncombe, 15 Oct 1620, Margardt, btp Thorncombe 7 Mar 1623. Children by 3rd wife, Caleb, Jemima, Jobaniah, Jedediah (b. 20 Sep 1640 Barnstable), Benjamin (b. 26 Aug 1642 B) [645] His wife at his death was named Joyce.

Savage’s: THOMAS, Dorchester, came, prob. bringing Bernard, and two other ch. in the Mary and John 1630, req. to be made freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was adm. 18 May foll. rem. in few yrs. perhaps to Scituate first, but to Barnstable by 1640, had Jedediah there, bapt. 19 Sept. 1641; and Benjamin, not 5 (as in Geneal. Reg. XII; 249) but 27 Aug. 1643. That he had other ch. of wh. one or two must have been b. in Eng. is plain eno. from his will of 23 Mar. 1663, in wh. while he names these, he ment. that he formerly gave prop. to s. Barnard; Joshua; Joseph, b. a. 1638; and s.-in-law Edward Colman, wh. m. 27 Oct. 1648, his d. Margaret; provides for w. Joyce, and s. Caleb. Perhaps he had, also, younger d. Jemima, wh. may have made a runaway match with Joseph Benjamin at Boston, 10 June 1661; and liv. many yrs. aft. her f. at New London. 
Will notes for Thomas LAMBERT
Grt Mig - will, dated 23 March 1662/3, acknowledged 10 June 1663 and proved 7 March 1664/5
"Thomas Lumbert of Barnstable" bequeathed to "my wife that she shall have her habitation in the house that I now live in so long as she liveth or continueth a widow, and further that she shall have the use of one third of my arable lands ... and the meadow lying in Mattakessett field"; to "my son Caleb my house and one third of my lands ... moreover my son Caleb and my son Jedadiah and my son Benjamine all of them are to have habitation and free egress and regress in the house so long as my wife liveth or continueth a widow"; at wife's death or remarriage "my son Caleb shall give unto my son Jedediah and my son Benjamine each of them £5 and then the house and forementioned lands to be Caleb's"; "if my son Jedediah or Benjamine shall see cause to remove their dwellings that if they be willing to have their forementioned £5 apiece; that upon six months' warning my son Caleb shall pay it unto them; and the other two thirds of my lands I give unto my other two sons, Jedediah and Benjamine"; "I do confirm by this my last will and testament certain parcels of lands that formerly I gave unto other of my children as followeth ... unto my son Barnard twenty acres of land, unto my son Joshua two acres of land, and unto my son-in-law Josepth Benjamine four acres of land and unto my son-in-law Edward Coleman one acre of land"; to "my wife the old mare, one cow and two heifers only she is to give unto my son Joshua and my daughter Margarett Coleman the first living colt"; "she is to give unto my grandchild Abigaill Benjamine the first heifer calf that shall come of the forementioned cows"; to "my wife my yoke of oxen with yokes, chains, cart and wheels" and at her death they to be divided between "my three sons Caleb, Jedediah and Benjamine equally"; residue to "my wife and to be at her dispose, only an hogshed of mackerel that is due from Thomas Starr my son Caleb is to have for his own use in lieu of some bedding that was his"; to "my son Caleb the yoke of oxen and a gale and the three year old mare that was always accounted his, and his carpenter's tools and his arms and the saddle and bridle ... only he shall give unto my son Barnard the half of the first colt that his forementioned mare shall have"; to "my son Jedediah the young mare of a year and vantage old, and a calf of a year old and a cow and a gale and his arms"; to "my son Benjamine the black horse and a cow and a calf of a year old with his arms"; "my wife shall give ... unto my son Barnard's wife 10s. and unto my son Barnard my looms with all materials"; the bay horse lately bought of Mr. John Freeman equally divided among "my three sons Caleb Jedadiah and Benjamine and they shall pay "unto my son Joshua Lumber 20s. within a year"; "I do confirm the cow that formerly I gave unto my daughter Jemina" [ MD 16:124-26, citing PCPR 2:2:24].
   The "true inventory of the estate of Thomas Lumbert of Barnstable Senior deceased" was taken 8 February 1664[/5] and totalled £210 8s. 6d., including "lands and housing" valued at £60 [ MD 16:126, citing PCPR 2:2:25].
   On 7 March 1664[/5] Joyce, "the wife of Thomas Lumbert, deceased," Jedediah Lumbert and Caleb Lumbert, were granted administration on the estate of Thomas Lumbert [ PCR 4:81]
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