NameDeacon William GAYLORD
Birthabt 1585, England
Immigration30 May 1630, Boston aboard the Mary and John [501]
Freeman18 May 1631, Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA [227]
Move1639, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT
Will31 Jan 1670/71, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT
Death20 Jul 1673, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
SpouseMary Walter?
Birthabt 1586, Devon, England
Death20 Jun 1657, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
1 MWilliam Gaylord (Immigrant)
Christen28 Dec 1617, Crewkerne, Somerset, England [501]
Death14 Dec 1656, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Marriage24 Feb 1641, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Marriage9 Feb 1653/4, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [82]
2 FElizabeth GAYLORD (Immigrant)
Birth1618, Exeter, Devon, England [1001]
Death22 Dec 1675, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [82]
Marriage5 Oct 1641, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
SpouseThomas Hoskins
Marriage20 Apr 1653, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [82]
3 MJohn Gaylord (Immigrant)
Christen24 Feb 1621/2, Crewkerne, Somerset, England [501]
Death31 Jul 1689, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Marriage17 Nov 1653, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [501]
4 MSamuel Gaylord (Immigrant)
Christen19 Dec 1619, Crewkerne, Somerset, England [501]
Death19 Aug 1690, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Marriage4 Dec 1646, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Marriage16 Mar 1681/2, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [595]
5 MJoseph Gaylord (Immigrant)
Christen27 Dec 1624, Crewkerne, Somerset, England [501]
6 MWalter Gaylord (Immigrant)
Birthabt 1626, Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Death9 Aug 1689, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
SpouseMary Stebbins
Marriage22 Apr 1648, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT
Marriage22 Mar 1659/60, Windsor, Hartford Co, CT [53]
Notes for Deacon William GAYLORD
One of the first deacons of Dorchester. w/ Dea. Samuel Rockwell, signed the Dor. land grants. [593]
“Kuhn’s Mary and John passenger list”:
William Gaylord 1585
__________ (w) 1595
William Gaylord, Jr. (s) 1617*
Elizabeth Gaylord (d) 1618*
Samuel Gaylord (s) 1619
John Gaylord (s) 1621
Walter Gaylord (s) 1626

Served as a selectman and on juries in the early days of Dorchester. In the earliest town records (until 2 Jun 1634) all the acts of the town were signed by four men: John Warham, John Maverick, William Rockwell and William Gaylord.[ [501]]

Appears on the 7 Oct 1669 list of freeman at Windsor as William Gaylar along with sons Walter, Samuel and John (NEHGR Vol. 5). He was also the Deputy for Windsor at the Connecticut General Court on and off from 1639 to 1664.[ [501]]

Great Migrations does not accept the tie to the Pitminster Gaylords as valid, noting that no connection has been documented.[ [501]]

9g grandfather of Richard Gere through son Samuel.
Notes for Mary Walter?
This wife’s name is under discussion and is not proven. The AF gives a christening date of 5 Aug 1591 in Shebbear, Devon, which is an extracted record for the daughter of Henry and Ann Walter.
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