NameJeremy ADAMS
Birthabt 1604, England [765]
Immigration1632, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Freeman6 May 1635, Massachusetts Bay Colony [3], [1053]
Move1636, Hartford, Hartford, CT [Original settler]
Will4 Aug 1683, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [501]
Will MemoProven 6 Sep 1683
Death11 Aug 1683, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [765]
Other spousesRebecca Fletcher [Warner]
Marriageabt 1636, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT
SpouseRebecca Baseden [Greenhill] [501]
Birthabt 1610 [2]
Deathbef 1682, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT
Other spousesSamuel Greenhill
Birth1637, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT [765]
Death6 Sep 1670, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [765]
Marriage24 Aug 1657, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [589]
Birthabt 1639, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [501]
Deathabt 1660, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
Marriageabt 1660, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
3 FHester Adams [501]
Birthabt 1639, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT
4 FSarah Adams [501]
Birthabt 1641, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT
SpouseNathaniel Willett
5 MSamuel Adams
Christen23 Nov 1645, Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [157]
Death1661 [765]
Notes for Jeremy ADAMS
Immigrated to Cambridge 1632. Owned land now owned by Harvard (it was a meadow for grazing at the time)[ [501]]. Original settler of Hartford, CT, 1636. (Name appears on an obelisk in the Center Church Burial Ground, erected 1837)[ [765]] He appears in Connecticut State Records as an emmissary to the Indians in the late 1630s. In 1641 he was cited for “passionat distempered speches, lowd languadge, & unmannerly cariedge in the face of the Court” over the issue of an unspecified execution. Licensed for exclusive right to retail liquors May 1660. In March 1661-2, the General Court granted him 340 acres and licensed him to keep an ordinary. Appointed customs master May 1663.[ [464]] Age 60 when freed from "watching and warding" Mar 2, 1664-5.

In addition to his six lots in Hartford, by virtue of his marriage to the widow of Samuel Greenhill, he became guardian of his two children, Thomas and Rebecca Greenhill, and therefore had possession during their minority of the land granted by Hartford to Samuel Greenhill. Thomas made his will as a young man, leaving his land both to his mother’s children by Adams and his sister’s children. His sister and her husband contested the will for many years, but were ultimately unsuccessful.[ [501]]

Savage’s: JEREMY, Braintree, perhaps 1632, rem. soon to Cambridge, then call. Newtown, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. next yr. to Hartford, had three ws. of wh. the first is unkn. by name, by her he had Samuel, b. it is said 1643, bapt. certain. 23 Nov. 1645; and perhaps more. His sec. w. Rebecca, wid. of Samuel Greenhill, d. 1678, and by her he had other ch. prob. Ann, wh. m. Robert Sanford; Elinor, wh. m. Nathaniel Willet; and John, unless one or two were by former w. Rebecca, wid. of the sec Andrew Warner, and d. of John Fletcher, was his third w. He long kept the ordinary, and d. 11 Aug. 1683, in his will, made seven days bef. he div. his est. half to childr. of s. John, and half to those of d. Willet. His wid. was 77 yrs. old at her d. 25 June 1715, and, no doubt, had provis. from the est. [500]
Will notes for Jeremy ADAMS
In his will, dated 4 August 1683 and proved 6 September 1683, "Jeremy Addams of Hartford" noted that he had "formerly given to my grandson Zachary Sandford my oxpasture lot in the way to Weathersfield" and confirmed that gift, and also bequeathed to Zachary Sandford "the lot that I have at the wolf pound by Mr. Webster's" [Zachary also received Jeremy’s house - it was mortgaged to the colony, which foreclosed, but Jeremy died about then so they conveyed to Sanford, who married a granddaughter Adams]; the residue of his estate he "equally divided to my grandchildren, the one half to my son John Adams his children & the other half to my son Willett's children"; he appointed Nath[aniel] Willett executor, and Major John Talcott and Captain John Allyn overseers [ Hartford PD Case #32; Manwaring 1:267; see also HaBOP 9, 291]. "The inventory of the estate of Mr. Jeremyah Addams who deceased Agust [sic] 11d 1683" totalled £243 5s. 6d., of which £81 was real estate: "3 acres of land in reversion in the South Meadow," £18; "10 acres of upland on the east side of the Great River in reversion," £20; "242 acres of upland on the east side the river," £24; "eight acres of land near Mr. Robert Webster's land," £16; and "30 acres of land in the west division," £3 [ Hartford PD Case #32]. [501]
Notes for Rebecca Baseden [Greenhill]
In Oct 1660, Jeremiah Adams is listed in the Connecticut Court Records as having resigned his power in disposing of the estate left by Thomas Greenhill to Goodwife Adams, letting his wife dispose of it as she should wish.[ [464]]
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