Birth1758, Upper Smithfield, Northampton, PA [1001]
Census1790, Upper Smithfield, Northampton, PA
Census1800, Wayne Co, MO
Move1807, Springville, Susquehanna, PA
Census1810, Bridgewater, Luzerne, PA
Census1820, Springville, Susquehanna, PA
Death1828, Springville, Susquehanna, PA [1001]
FatherJohannes Rosencrantz (1718-1790)
MotherMagdalena Dirckzen (1720-~1798)
Other spousesLittle Dove
Marriage1784, Upper Smithfield, Northampton, PA [1001]
Birthabt 1763, Shohola Falls, Upper Smithfield, Northampton Co, PA [1001]
Death1842, Springville, Susquehanna Co, PA [1001]
FatherJonathan STRICKLAND Sr. (1736-1816)
MotherSusanna STOWE (1744-1815)
1 FJannitie (Jane) Rosencrantz
Birth8 Oct 1789, Upper Smithfield, Northampton, PA
Christen20 Dec 1789, Dutch Ref Church, Machackemeck, Orange, NY [1001]
Death24 May 1842, Pennsylvania
SpouseAbiathar Tuttle
Marriage6 Mar 1811, Springville, Susquehanna, PA [1003]
2 MJeremiah Rosencrantz
Birth1 Jun 1792, Upper Smithfield, Northampton Co, PA [1001]
Christen24 Mar 1793, Dutch Ref Church, Machackemeck, Orange Co, NY [1001]
DeathJul 1856, Springville Twp, Susquehanna Co, PA [1001]
SpouseSophia Billings
Marriage1823, Springville, Susquehanna, PA
3 FSuse Rosencrantz
Birth31 May 1795, Upper Smithfield, Northampton, PA [1001]
Christen26 Jul 1795, Dutch Ref Church, Machackemeck, Orange, NY [1001]
SpouseBenoni Tuttle
Marriage5 Jan 1817, Springville, Susquehanna, PA [279]
4 FElvira Rosencrantz
Birth1797, Springville, Susquehanna, PA [1040]
Death13 Dec 1895, Hop Bottom, Susquehanna, PA [1040]
SpouseOliver Spicer Gray
Marriage31 Aug 1828 [1040]
Birth15 Jan 1801, Of Wayne Co, PA [322]
Death19 Apr 1891, Wauxega, Crawford Co, WI [322]
BurialWauxega Cem, Wauxega, Crawford, WI
Marriage6 Aug 1824, Pennsylvania [783]
Notes for Jeremiah ROSENCRANTZ
Came to Springvillle 1807, engaged in mill work. Bought mill with John Strickland after he arrived several years later.[ [656]] The Hist of Susquehanna reports that he came to Susquehanna Co in 1807 from the lower part of state. His sons were Jeremiah and Samuel and his daughters married Abiathar Tuttle, Benoni Tuttle, and Oliver Gray[ [785]].

Descendent story:
"My 3GG father married Sarah Strickland, sister of Sylvester. However, she was not my direct 3GG mother -- Jeremiah Rosencrans had a previous marriage/union that produced my 2GG father. My 2GG father was about 9 years old when Jeremiah married Sarah. Neither did he move to Susquehanna County with the rest of the family. Since his mother was an Indian (she died from typhoid about five years before the second marriage), it appears that hard feelings may have been a possible factor." -- Fred Rosencrance, 1997 (letter to Bill Strickland)
Census notes for Jeremiah ROSENCRANTZ
1790 Norhampton PA: Jermiah Rosekrause 1 m 16+, 1 m 16-, 2 other. Listed next door to John Strickland. (Upper Smithfield Twp) (7/9/96)
1800 Wayne PA: 1 m over 45, 1 26-45. 7 kids under 16, 1 f 26-45. (7/9/96)
1810 Luzerne PA:
2m 10-16 [Samuel, Jeremiah?], 1m 45+ [Jeremiah], 3f 10-16 [Suse, Elvira, ?], 1f 45+ [Sarah] (Bridgewater Twp p. 156) ( 3/03)
1820 Susq PA: 1m 16-18 [Samuel?], 2m 16-26 [Jeremiah?, Samuel], 1m 45+ [Jeremiah], 3f 10-16 [?], 1f 45+ [Sarah], 2 in agric. (Springville p. 37) (near Benoni Tuttle, Syl Strickland, Jonathan Strickland) ( 3/03)
1830 Susq PA: Springville p. 62
1840 Susq PA: Springville p. 431
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