NameWilliam SPARKS
Birthabt 1783, North Carolina [753]
Move1806, Ashe Co, NC
Move1811, Washington Co, VA
Move1825, White Co, TN
Census12 Jul 1860, Putnam Co, TN
Death2 Mar 1869, White Co, TN [486]
FatherJames Sparks (~1762-~1826)
MotherMary (Sparks) (~1765-)
Marriageabt 1806, Washington Co, VA
Birthabt 1789, North Carolina [36]
Death26 Oct 1871, White Co, TN [486]
1 MEphraim Sparks
Birthabt 1809, Washington, VA [753]
Deathaft 1880
2 MJames Sparks
Birthabt 1810, Washington, VA [753]
3 MJoseph Sparks
Birth19 May 1814, Virginia [241]
Death4 Jul 1883, Board Valley, White, TN [241]
BurialBoard Valley Cem., Board Valley, White Co, TN
Marriageabt 1833, White Co, TN [2]
Birth25 Oct 1815, Virginia [753]
Death1 Dec 1891, White Co, TN [753]
Marriage27 Nov 1845, White Co, TN [1072]
6 FMary Sparks
Birthabt 1818, Virginia [753]
SpouseAlfred Southard
Marriage2 Oct 1838, White Co, TN [753]
Birth31 Mar 1821, Washington Co, VA [753], [1072]
Death15 Nov 1898, White Co, TN [753]
Marriage14 Oct 1839, White Co, TN [753]
8 MJacob Sparks
Birthabt 1823, Virginia [753]
SpouseMinerva Jay
Marriage31 Dec 1841, White Co, TN [753]
9 MLevi Sparks
Birthabt 1825, Tennessee [753]
SpouseMary (Hennessee)
Marriage19 Feb 1850, White Co, TN [753]
10 MWilliam Sparks Jr.
Birth3 Apr 1828, Tennessee [753]
Death20 Mar 1915, Tennessee [753]
SpouseRachel Elina Lee
Marriage30 Mar 1851, White Co, TN [753]
11 MSolomon Sparks
Birthabt 1830, Tennessee [753]
Death1912, Tennessee [753]
12 FSarah Sparks
Birthabt 1833, Tennessee [753]
Notes for William SPARKS
"William Sparks, son of James Sparks, Sr., was born about 1783, probably in North Carolina. (On the 186O census, his birthplace was given as Virginia.) He paid taxes on his personal property in Washington County in 18O6, and it was about this time that he married Rhoda Pennington. She was born about 1789 in North Carolina. The young couple apparently followed James Sparks, Sr. , to Ashe County, NC, for they appeared there on the 181O census.
"William Sparks did not remain long in Ashe County, but returned to Washington County where he paid taxes from 1811 to 1824. He also appeared on the 1820 census of that county. By that time, six children had been born to the marriage, three sons and three daughters. (There were two William Sparks listed on the 182O census of Washin gton County Virginia. William Sparks, son of James Sparks, Sr., was the one shown with a son born prior to 1810.)
"On March 28, 1816, William Sparks, now "of Lee County," bought 1OO acres of land, located on the West Fork of Blackwater Creek side of Powells Mountain, from John and Prudence Williams, also of "Lee County." The land was about seven miles southwest of the Lee County courthouse and was probably near the present-day village of Blackwater . The consideration was $3OO. (Blackwater Creek should not be confused with Blackwater River which is located in eastern Virginia).
"William Sparks may have moved to this property, but, if so, he did not remain there very long. On November 11, 1819, he sold the tract to William Chumley, of Green County, Tennessee, for $230. Records indicated that Chumley did not finish paying for the land until 1841, and that Sparks retained title to the land and also paid the taxes, although most of the time he was a resident of Tennessee.
"As above stated, William Sparks was in Washington County, Virginia, when the 1820 census was taken, but about 1825, he moved his family to White County, Tennessee where he paid taxes that year. It was also there that he was listed on the 1830, 1840, and 1850 censuses, and it is where he bought land in 1843. According to these census enumerations, he and Rhoda had twelve children.
"Putnam County, Tennessee, was formed in 1852 from parts of White ,Smith, and DeKalb Counties, and the part of White County in which William Sparks lived became a part of the new county. When the 186O census wa staken of Putnam County, he was listed as 77 years of age and Rhoda' s agewas given as 71 years.
"It is obvious that Rhoda and William Sparks are the persons whose names were stitched on the Tree-of-Life quilt which was pictured and described in the December 1956 Issue of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No. 16 , and inthe September 1982 issues of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, Whole No . 119.According to the data preserved on the quilt, William died o n March 2,1869. Rhoda survived him by two years, dying on October 26, 1871. (The SPARKS QUARTERLY, March 1994, Whole No. 165, p 4270)

Their children, named on the quilt: Eaf Sparks, James Sparks, Pecy Bumbalow, Rebeckey Randolf, WilliamSparks, Sol Sparks, William Sparks, Sean., Rhody Sparks, Poly Suthird,Feby Scarbrough, Joe Sparks, and Levi Sparks.
Census notes for William SPARKS
1810 Ashe Co, NC
1820 Washington Co, VA
1830-1840 White Co, TN
1850 White, TN: William 67 NC; Rhoda 61 NC; William 22; Sally Ann 17. (1394-204)
1860 Putnam, TN: William 77; Rhoda 71; William Sherly 18. (93-33) Close by: William 31; Rachel D. 28; Versaley 2. (Dry Valley, Dist 4, p. 33, 7/12/1860) (7/9/98)
1870 Putnam, TN: widow living with son William. (7/9/98)
Census notes for Rhoda PENNINGTON
1870 Putnam Co, TN: (son) William 45; Rachel 35; kids; Roda 75 “domestic asst.” (p. 139) (7/9/98)
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