NameBenjamin DOOLITTLE
Birth10 Jul 1695, Wallingford, New Haven Co, CT [151]
Move1718, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA
Death9 Jan 1748/9, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [551]
FatherJohn DOOLITTLE (1655-1746)
MotherMary PECK (1666-1710)
Marriage24 Oct 1717, Wallingford, New Haven Co, CT [584]
SpouseLydia TODD
Birth28 Jul 1699, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Death16 Jun 1790, Northfield, Franklin, MA [551], [701]
FatherSamuel TODD (1672-<1742)
MotherSusannah TUTTLE (1680-1737)
Other spousesJohn Belding
1 MOliver Doolittle
Birth28 Oct 1718, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Death6 May 1746 [551]
2 FLydia Doolittle
Birthabt 24 Aug 1720, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Death2 Apr 1806 [551]
SpouseLt. John Evans
3 MCharles Doolittle
Birth31 Jul 1722, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Birth24 Jul 1724, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Death1807, Claremont, Sullivan Co, NH [568]
Marriage1742, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [568]
5 FSusanna Doolittle
Birth13 Jun 1726, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
SpouseSeth Field
Marriage1741, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [551]
Birth16 May 1728, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
7 FChloe Doolittle
Birth4 May 1730, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
SpouseMoses Evans
Marriage1746, Northfield, Franklin, MA [551]
8 FLucy Doolittle (Died young)
Birth27 Feb 1731/2, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Deathbef 1741, Northfield, Franklin, MA [551]
9 FThankful Doolittle
Birth20 Jan 1733/4, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
SpouseAbner Williard
Marriage10 Jul 1750 [551]
Birth15 Nov 1737, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [177]
Death9 Apr 1830 [551]
Marriage6 Dec 1759, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [177]
Birth15 Jul 1741, Northfield, Franklin, MA [177]
Death2 Sep 1824 [551]
Marriage20 Aug 1765, Northfield, Franklin Co, MA [177]
Notes for Benjamin DOOLITTLE
Graduated from Yale 1716, ordained as a pastor at Northfield, MA 1718. Practiced as both a physician and a pastor for 30 years. Wrote “An Enquiry into Enthusiasm, Being an account of what it is, the Original progress and effect of it” (1743) and “A Short Narrative of the Mischief Done by the French & Indian Enemy, on the Western Frontiers of the Province of Mass. Bay,” found among his papers after his death and published in 1750. It is apparently a rare perspective of the incidents in question and became an important first-hand account.
Benjamin died suddenly at age 52. A notice in the Boston Gazette detailed death following chest pain. His funeral sermon was by Jonathan Ashley.[ [551]]
Epitaph: Blessed with good intellectual parts, Skilled in two important arts, Nobly he filled the double station, Both of a preacher an physician.[ [701]]
Notes for Lydia TODD
Teacher before her first marriage. After the death of her second husband, Lydia was living with her daughter Lucy. She eventually married the father of Lucy’s husband, Japhet. He died soon after and she returned to Northfield. She is known in the records still as “Widow Doolittle”, probably a reflection of her husband’s standing in the community. She remained active in her family and died at the age of 91 while trying to remove one of her grandchildren from a table upon which he had climbed. [551]
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