NameHenry GLOVER
Birthabt 1616, England
Immigrationbef 1641
Death2 Sep 1689, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Will20 Aug 1689, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [501, Revised sketch postponed from publication]
Marriagebef 1641
SpouseEllen Russell
Birthabt 1613, England
Birth MemoAged 85 at death
Death1 Mar 1697/8, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
1 FMary Glover
BirthJun 1641, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [500]
2 FMercy Glover
BirthAug 1643, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [500]
Christen16 Aug 1643, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT
Deathbef 28 Apr 1698, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT
SpouseMoses Mansfield
Marriage10 May 1664, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
BirthMay 1646, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [568]
Christen26 May 1646, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [501]
Death7 Jun 1722, Westfield, Hampden Co, MA [568]
Marriage24 Nov 1663, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167], [233]
4 MJohn Glover
Christen8 Oct 1648, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [501]
Deathbef 20 Aug 1689, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [501]
SpouseJoanna Daniel
5 FAbilgale Glover
Birth29 Apr 1651, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Death20 Aug 1651, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
6 FAbigale Glover
Birth31 Jul 1652, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Christen24 Jul 1652, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [sic] [501]
Deathaft 28 Apr 1698, Fairfield, Fairfield Co, CT [501]
SpouseDaniel Burr
Marriage11 Dec 1678, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
7 FSarah Glover
Birth3 Dec 1655, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Christen9 Dec 1655, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [501]
Death22 Nov 1730, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
SpouseJohn Ball
Marriage11 Dec 1678, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
Notes for Henry GLOVER
A Henry appears on the passenger list of the Elizabeth as age 24, by himself. An accompanying note says he took the oath at Ipswich.[ [1053]] However, there is no further record for a Henry Glover until his first child is baptized in New Haven in 1641. Since it would be very odd for a young man to remain without a trace for 7-8 years and remain unmarried until the age of 31, the Great Migrations editors have concluded that the New Haven Henry is not the one who sailed on the Elizabeth. [ [501]]

Henry is listed in the Catalogue of Members of First Church in New Haven in 1641, his wife appearing in 1661.

The first records of our branch of this family open at once on an interesting early controversy and an intimate connection with some of New Haven's most notable colonists, Henry Glover, who was at once supporter and critic of the governmental system, and prominent in the growing business interests of the town. Dr. Bacon, in his "Historical Discourses," writes: "Concerning Henry Glover's seeking reconciliation with the Church, for the scandalous evils for which he was cast out, and the Church's receiving of him again, the 11th day of the 6th month 1644. Henry Glover having acquainted the elders with his desire of being reconciled e/c e/c," a long and intricately worded setting forth follows, the gist of which being that his case is brought before the elders, and the next Lord's day he is appointed to speak before them. After morning service, the ruling elder rose and desired the rest of the elders would remain; this being done, the door was closed and the matter brought forward, and Henry Glover, who still stood without, was invited in to plead his cause; he "acknowledged the several facts for which he was cast out, and the rules he had broken, and showed also how many temptations he had been exercised with from Satan since he was cast out, ..... and also expressed his earnest desire of being reconciled to the Church." So they conferred together as to whether his repentence was genuine and how he had borne himself, and neighbors were asked to testify. Goodman Chapman "spoke something tending to clear him," but no one accused him; however, they decided to wait over another week and see that everything was as it should be. The wisdom of this hesitation may be evidenced by the manner of its reception by the impatient sinner, for the report goes on to say: "Henry Glover, standing up by a pillar, went hastily down, when he saw it was deferred till the next Lord's day, and he let some words fall which had the appearance of discontent." However, he again apologized, and was finally received in full, an address, a long prayer, and the following absolution pronounced by the pastor, Mr. Davenport: "Henry Glover, I do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by power delegated from Jesus Christ to his Church, pronounce thee absolved and set free from the sentence of excommunication under which thou hast stood bound, and do restore thee to the liberties and privileges of this Church which thou formerly did'st enjoy." Dr. Bacon says: "I know not where to look for a more copious illustration of the duties performed by the ruling elder in the primitive New England churches." Doubtless it would now call a smile could we discover the catalogue of sins for which Mr. Glover was forced to make so complete a humiliation. ("Reverend John Beach and John Sanford and Their Descendants", Author: Rebecca Donaldson Beach, quoted by Jorabun WorldConnect (JTR’s Ancestors))

Savage’s: HENRY, New Haven 1647, or earlier, came, prob. in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 1634, aged 24, had Mary, bapt. June 1641; Mercy, Aug. 1643; Hannah, May 1646; John, 8 Oct. 1648; Abigail, b. 29 Apr. 1651, d. soon; Abigail, again, b. 31 July 1652; and Sarah, 3, bapt. 9 Dec. 1655; was a promin. man, propr. in 1685, d. 2 Sept. 1689. His wid. Elinor d. 1 Mar. 1698, aged 85. In letters of Davenport to Winthrop 1655, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 9 and 12, his w. is refer. to; and perhaps he was the lieut. of Southold 1662, that yr. adm. as freem. of Conn. Trumbull, Col. Rec. 388. His d. Hannah m. 24 Nov. 1663, David Ashley; Mercy m. 10 May 1664 Moses Mansfield; Sarah m. 11 Dec. 1678, John Ball; and Abigail m. the same day Daniel Burr; and his will, pro. Oct. 1689, gives to childr. of his s. John.

Ancestor of both Winston Churchill and FDR.
Will notes for Henry GLOVER
From Great Migration, which quotes New Haven Probate:

"Henry Glover of New Haven" bequeathed that "which remains undisposed of already by deeds of gift, which deeds I do hereby ratify and confirm," to "my beloved daughters Mercy Mansfield, Abigaile Burre & Sarah Ball all my outlands both in the second & third division, with such meadows as are not already disposed of by deed of gift ... to be equally divided between them"; to "my loving daughter-in-law Joanna Thompson (formerly Glover) as a token of my love one cow"; to "my three grandchildren, daughters of my late son John Glover deceased, to each of them a cow, as they attain the age of eighteen years"; to "my aforesaid two daughters Mercy Mansfield and Abigaile Burre fifteen acres of upland lying in New Haven Neck ... in two parcels, the one thirteen acres & a half ..., & the other one acre & half ... to be equally divided between them"; to "my aforesaid daughter Sarah Ball eight acres & half lying in New Haven Neck in two parcels, six acres in the quarter called Grigson's quarter, & two acres & half in the Suburbs quarter"; to "my aforesaid three daughters Mercy, Abigaile & Sarah," "all my right in one pasture or in the common"; residue to "my dear & beloved wife Ellin Glover, ... desiring her to consider the afflicted state of my daughter Mansfield, & also for the promoving [i.e., promoting] & encouraging of his education"; "my dear & beloved wife Ellin Glover" to be sole executrix, and after her death "my loving sons-in-law Moses Mansfield & Dan[ie]ll Burre" to be executors [NHPR 2:2:29].

The inventory of the estate of "Mr. Henry Glover deceased," taken 21 October 1689, totalled 285lb. 10s. 7d., of which 112lb. 12s. was real estate: "land & meadows," 96lb. 12s.; and "land," 16lb., along with "the right of two 600lb. lots in the ox pasture" [NHPR 2:2:30].

The inventory of the estate of "Mrs. Hellena Glover" totalled 123lb. 19s., of which 30lb. was real estate: "meadow," 20lb.; and "9 acres of 3d division land," 10lb. [NHPR 2:2:203].
Notes for Ellen Russell
The dilemma of Helen/Ellen’s name is treated in an article by Paul W. Prindle in TAG 48:209. Henry and Ellen appear multiple times in wills of the Russell, Davis and Wakeman families. The best way to make all of the references make sense is if Ellen is the sister of William Russell and Sarah Russell. William Russell m. Sarah Davis, who is the niece of John Wakeman. Her mother was Martha Davis (“my sister Davis” in John’s will). Willliam and Sarah’s children were under guardianship of Henry and Ellen and they all administered and witnessed each other’s wills. Though the idea that Ellen is a Wakeman, Davis or a Cooper is considered, most Wakeman wills do not mention her, and wills involving the Coopers are not consistant with those theories.

Following her death, her daughters and their husbands entered into an agreement dividing up the property: On 28 April 1698, whereas "Mrs. Hellena Glover late of New Haven deceased" left a writing which conveyed her testamentary wishes, but did not live to have it drawn up formally, "Moses Mansfeild of the town and county of New Haven in New England, for myself & in behalf of the children of my late dear wife Mercy, David Ashley of the town of Westfeild in the county of Hampshire in New England by & with the consent of Hannah my present wife & John Ball of said New Haven by & with the consent of Sarah my present wife and Abigaile Burr relict of Mr. Daniell Burr late of Fairfeild in New England deceased," the funeral charges and debts of "our honored mother the said Hellena Glover" having been paid, along with "an addition of five pounds to be paid ... unto the surviving children of Mr. John Glover late of New Haven deceased," the residue is to be "equally divided among the said Moses, David, John & Abigaile" [NHPR 2:2:203-4].
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