NameDeacon William PECK
Birthabt 1601, London, England [551]
Immigration26 Jun 1637, Boston aboard the Hector
Move1638, New Haven, New Haven, CT [Original Settler]
Freeman29 Oct 1640, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [500]
Will9 Mar 1689, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [500]
Death4 Oct 1694, Lyme, New London, CT [171]
Other spousesSarah [Holt]
Marriageabt 1622, England
SpouseElizabeth (Peck)
Birthabt 1608
Death5 Dec 1683, Lyme, New London, CT [171]
1 MJeremiah Peck
Birthabt 1623, England
Death7 Jun 1699, Waterbury, New Haven Co, CT [545]
SpouseJoanna Ketchell
Marriage12 Nov 1656, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [545]
Birthabt 1638, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT
Death1724, Wallingford, New Haven, CT [1051]
SpouseMary MOSS
Marriage3 Nov 1664, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [167]
3 MJoseph Peck
Christen17 Jan 1641, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [1058]
Death25 Nov 1718, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [1058]
SpouseSarah Parker
Marriage28 Nov 1662, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [1058]
4 FElizabeth Peck
Christen6 May 1643, New Haven, New Haven Co, CT [1058]
SpouseSamuel Andrews
Notes for Deacon William PECK
Merchant from London. [551]

One of the six adult male Pecks coming from England to America in the late 1630s was Deacon William Peck who came to New Haven. He was an adherent of Rev. John Davenport (1597–1670), Church of England cleric. Davenport turned more and more to nonconformity, and as pastor of an influential City of London church, he fostered the puritan cause and had to flee to Holland in 1633. There he also had theological troubles. He returned to London, and with Theophilus Eaton, organized a party of puritans which sailed on the ship Hector, arriving at Boston in June 26, 1637. In 1638 Davenport led his colonists to a spot selected by Eaton and the New Haven Colony was founded. Deacon William Peck was among the signers of the Compact of New Haven (as “William Peckke”) and a cofounder of the colony. (Families of Ancient New Haven, Jacobus) [1058]

Had land in New Haven in 1641 between the two rivers, but outside the orginal nine squares. (map:

9g grandfather of Clint Eastwood through daughter Elizabeth.
8g grandfather of Richard Gere through son Jeremiah and Barbara Bush through son John.

WILLIAM, New Haven, a merch. from London, b. 1601, with w. Elizabeth and s. Jeremiah, came prob. in the Hector, as company, with Govs. Eaton and Hopkins, Rev. John Davenport, and the s. of the Earl of Marlborough, arr. at Boston 26 June 1637, was one of the first compact for N. H. in june 1639, an orig. propr. freem. 29 oct. 1640, deac. from 1659 to his d. had John; Joseph, bapt. 17 Jan. 1641; and Elizabeth 7 May 1643, not 6, as pr. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 262, for that was Saturday. The harvest of blunders in that list of bapt. is not chargeab. to the very careful transcr. Henry White, Esq. but I fear the names assing. for parents by conject. in that docum. may sometimes be erron, as in this instance, for the ch. Eleazar and 2d Elizabeth are neither in fam. geneal. allow. to the deac. His w. d. 5 dec. 1683, on a visit to her s. at Lyme, and he m. Sarah, wid. of William Holt, and d. 4 oct. 1694. his is still to be seen in the cemet. By the rec. of Lyme (where he d. at the ho. of his s. Joseph) the age is 83; but New Haven says, at the reput. age of 90. As a gen. rule, the shorter term of a prolong, life, where two or more dates are report. must be prefer. but, in this instance, to ascertain the exact truth we may safe. presume, that the s. of whose ho. the f. d. wrote the acco. and the greater number may be adopt. The only d. his youngest ch. Elizabeth m. 1661, Samuel Andrews. In his will, of 9 Mar. 1689, made at N. H. the sec. w. and his four ch. are ment, but no more. Sixteen of this name had in 1834 been gr. at the N. E. coll. of wh. four were of Yale, three of Harv.
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