NameLt. Joseph KELLOGG
Christen1 Apr 1626, Great Leighs, Essex, England [1049]
Immigrationbef 1651, Farmington, Hartford, CT [628]
Move1657, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA [628]
Land Purch16 Oct 1659, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA [1049]
Move1661, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
Will27 Jun 1707, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA
DeathLate 1707, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
FatherMartin Kellogg (ch. 1595-1671)
MotherPrudence Bird (~1599-<1671)
Marriageabt 1650
SpouseJoanna (Kellogg)
Birthabt 1625
Death14 Sep 1666, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
1 FElizabeth Kellogg (Died young)
Birth5 Mar 1651, England [628]
2 MJoseph Kellogg
Birth11 Aug 1653, Farmington, Hartford, CT [628]
Death1680-83 [628]
3 MNathaniel Kellogg (Died young)
Christen29 Oct 1654, Farmington, Hartford, CT [165]
Christen29 Dec 1656, Farmington, Hartford, CT [165]
Death1723-28, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
Marriage23 Dec 1680, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
5 MMartin Kellogg
Birth22 Nov 1658, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA [127]
Death? , Suffield, CT [1049]
SpouseAnna Hinsdale
Marriage10 Dec 1684, Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA [628]
6 MEdward Kellogg
Birth1 Oct 1660, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA [127], [179]
7 MSamuel Kellogg
Birth28 Sep 1662, Amherst, Hampshire, MA [179]
Death1717 [628]
SpouseSarah Merrill
Marriage22 Sep 1687, Hadley, Hampshire, MA [628]
8 FJoanna Kellogg
Birth8 Dec 1664, Amherst, Hampshire Co, MA [179]
Deathaft 1727 [628]
SpouseJohn Smith
Marriage23 Nov 1683, Hadley, Hampshire, MA [179]
Birth27 Aug 1666, Amherst, Hampshire, MA [179]
Death28 Jan 1728, Westfield, Hampden, MA [222]
Marriage27 Apr 1686, Westfield, Hampden, MA [220], [210]
Notes for Lt. Joseph KELLOGG
At Farmington, CT in 1651 and joined church there with his wife Oct. 9, 1653.[ [165]] Moved about 1657 to Boston, MA where he purchased property Oct. 16, 1659. Sold Boston property Jun. 13, 1661 and moved to Hadley. He agreed to keep a ferry between Hadley and Northampton in 1661, which he and later son John and grandson James operated until 1758. The Court at Hadley formalized fares and conditions for the ferry in Jan. 1675, Jun. 1677, and in 1687. He was selectman a number of times, and served on various town committees. Joseph was named Sgt. of the military company ('train band') Mar. 1663, Ens. in the Foot Company May 9, 1678, and Lt. of the same company Oct. 7, 1678. He was in charge of the Hadley troops at the Turners' Falls Fight on May 18, 1676. He served as Lt. under Capt. Aaron Cook, Jr. until 1692.

His children, even the ones born before he moved to Hadley, are recorded in the Amherst vital records, rather than in Hadley's. Amherst is just east of Hadley, on the opposite side as Northampton.

Savage's: JOSEPH, Farmington, weaver, freem. 1654, had Elizabeth b. 3 Mar. 1651; Joseph, 11 Aug. 1653; Nathaniel, bapt. 29 Oct. 1654; wh. all d. young; John, bapt. 28, not. as print. in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 126, mak. it Monday, 29 Dec. 1656; and Martin; rem. 1659 to Boston, had Edward, b. 1 Oct. 1660, but next yr. sold his prop. in B. and went to Hadley; where his first w. Joanna d. 14 Sept. 1666, and he m. 9 May foll. Abigail, d. of Stephen Terry. Beside these ch. he had Samuel, 28 Sept. 1662; Joanna, 8 Dec. 1664, wh. m. 29 Nov. 1683, John Smith of H.; and Sarah, 27 Aug. 1666; all by first; and by sec. w. had Stephen, 9 Apr. 1668; Nathaniel, 8 Oct. 1669; Abigail, 9 Oct. 1671; Elizabeth Oct. 1673; Prudence, 14 Oct. 1675; Ebenezer, 22 Nov. 1677; Jonathan, 25 Dec. 1679; Daniel, 23 Mar. 1682, d. in 2 yrs.; Joseph, 12 May 1684; Daniel, again, 10 June 1686 and Ephraim, 1687, d. young. All the ds.were m. In the Falls fight he was a lieut. and command. the men of H. He d. 1707, then hav. of the twenty, fourteen adult ch. As they scatt. so much, I give the places of resid. of most of the eleven s. John, wh. had ten ch. by two ws. liv. at Hadley; Martin was at Hatfield, and Deerfield; Edward had nine ch. b. at Hadley, and then rem. to Brookfield; Samuel, sett. at Hartford, had nine ch.; Stephen, in Westfield, had eleven ch.; Nathaniel, at Hadley and Amherst, had eight or nine ch.; Ebenezer, and Jonathan sett. at Colchester; Joseph, wh. had no ch. and d. 9 Sept. 1724, was at Hatfield. Ano.
Will notes for Lt. Joseph KELLOGG
Will of Joseph Kellogg - June 27, 1707

Upon the twenty-seventh day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred and seven in the sixth year of the Reign of our Lady Anne by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France & Ireland Queen, Defendr of the Faith &c I Joseph Kellogg of Hadley in ye County of Hampshire within the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England I hope having a suitable sence of the many infermities, the considerable old age that I am now come to hath exposed me to all which giving me warning that I must shortly when it pleases God to call yield to Death and Lay down this Earthly Tabernacle, Being at Present Through the Great Goodness of God of sound mind and perfect memory and accounting it my Duty to set things In order with Reference to that Portion of Estate God in Goodness hath Given me and Therefore I do make this my Last will & Testamt as followeth
Imp. I commit myself soul and body Into the hands of God who made them and my dear Redeemer The Lord Jesus Christ who hath Redeemed them and in whom I Trust & Believe will be my advocate with the Father at the Great day of his Appearing. And in and through his Merits & Satisfaction to obtain acceptation, My Body which I leave to my Executors for a Christianly, Comely Burial in hopes of a Blessed Resurrection when soule and Body Shall by the Mighty Power of God be reunited and be wth him forever in that Place of Everlasting Rest when sorrow and Sighing shall flee away and Joy and Rejoicing Shall be upon the head of the Righteous with Hallelujahs and Praises to God the Father Son and Holy Ghost forever and ever, Even to Never Ending Eternity, Amen.
It. I ordain and my will is that all my Just Debts and Funeral expenses be well and truly paid by my Executors hereafter named.
It. I Give and Bequeath unto my Loving Son John Kellogg all that piece of land on which he now lives it being bounded by the Dividing fence East on Land of Sam'll Partride West on an Highway North, and on the River south to be to him with this Proviso that either of his sons Joseph or Samuel after his decease Shall enjoy it to him that posses it to be to him and his heirs forever but in case they both Dye before Either of them Posses it then to revert to my family from whence it came. The Intent of .... that land that lies within the Town Ditch. Also I give to my son John Kellogg abovenamed
four acres of my forty acre Alotment lying at the Fort River at the South end of s'd Lot this together with about Ten Pounds I have already given him to be to him and his heirs forever.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Martin Kellogg, four Acres of my forty acre alotment at the Fort River in Hadley next to that I have given to my son John above-said -- Also besides what I have given him already which I account at Sixteen Pounds -- I give him Twnety Shillings in curr't Country
Pay, all which to be to him & his heirs forever.
It. I give and bequeath to my loving son Edward Kellogg the full sum of five pounds in Currant Country Pay which together with what I have already given him which I esteen at Sixteen Pounds to be to him and his heirs forever.
It. I give and bequeath to my son Saml Kellogg four acres of my forty acre alotment at Fort River in Hadley next to that I have given to my son Martin Kellogg as abovesaid which together with five pounds I have already given him to be to him and his heirs forever.
It. I give and bequeath to my daughter Joanna Kellogg alias Smith and Sarah Kellogg alias Ashley together with what I have already given them which I esteem to be fifteen pounds a piece I give them forty shillings a piece to be paid them by my Executors in such pay and at such time as it can
be made good to them out of my estate.
It. I give and bequeath to my loving sons Stephen Kellogg & Nathaniel Kellogg, considering that I had a considerable estate with their mother out of Father Terry's Estate therefore I give to them all that alotment that was my Father Terry's lying in Hockanum in Hadley bounded by the land of John
Smith northeast and the land of Thomas Hovey southwest abutting on the River both North & South to be equally divided to them after my wife's decease, not to have ye use or possession of said land till then and then to be to them and their heirs forever. This together with forty shillings a piece I
have already given them I account a full portion for them
It. I give and bequeath to my loving daughters Elizabeth Kellogg, alias Nash, Abigail Kellogg alias Smith, Prudence Kellogg alis Merrill, as an addition to what I have already given them which I esteem fifteen pounds apiece, forty shillings apiece in such pay and at such time as my Executors
can make it good to them out of my estate.
It. I give and bequeath to my loving sons Ebenezer Kellogg & Jonathan Kellogg my allotment in the Plain in the Great Meadow in Hadley, bounded by land of Nathaniel White east and land of Timothy Eastman west abutting on Highway South and the adjacent furlong North, as also I give them ten acres of my forty acre allotment at Fort River next unto my son Saml gift there, both lots to be equally divided between them to be to them and their heirs forever. Also I give unto them eight pounds a piece in such time and in such pay out of my estate as my executors hereafter named can do it.
It. I give and bequeath to my loving son Nathaniel Kellogg four acres of my forty acre allotment at Fort River at the North East and it going to the lands of Timothy Eastman to be to him and his heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Kellogg all that my allotment in the Plain on the East side of the Town in Hadley, containing sixteen acres or thereabouts as also I give him twenty-five pounds out of my estate to be paid to him in or as good country pay, to be paid as my executors can and at
such time as they can do it. And Whereas my son Joseph approving himself a loving son in his care and helpfulness to me in my weak condition and to my wife I'll recommend it to my wife to make such further additions out of the Housing land or other estate I have reserved to her dispose as may be encouragement and recompense to him for his care and trouble as aforesaid.
It. I give and bequeath to my Dear and loving wife Abigail who hath born the burthen with me in all my long continued weakness and infirmities my house and homestead with my barn and outhousing, Orchards, Gardens, yards, situate in Hadley aforesaid as also that alotment next to Saml Smiths
alotment as we go to the For Meadow in Hadley with all other of my lands in Hadley or elsewhere not given in this my will otherwise with all rights of our Lands or Commons or any lands that may grow to be of right to me within the bounds of the Township of Hadley or elsewhere with all moveable goods or estate within doors or without in Hadley or elsewhere to be for her comfortable livelyhood while she lives, She keeping the Housing and Barns in good repair as also I give her full liberty to remove the Houses Barns or Fences as she shall judge best and most advantagious for her and them that may enjoy it after her demise. As also I hereby give her full liberty and power provided by good advice she see cause to make sale of sd Housing and Homestead, then to do it, provided always all the said estate that she shall leave either for the aforesaid housing and lands and moveable estate when she dies it shall be by her disposed of amongst those children I had by her
and to them or any of them as she shall see meet to disposit.
It. I hereby order and it is my will that as to those gifts I have given in this will in moveable goods to several of my children if any moveable goods, chattels, credits will not reach to the payment of my debts, funeral expenses and other charges and uses I may have for it while I yet live and for so much reserve for my wife's necessity while she lives a widow that each legatee in proportion to their gifts the sum of them all shall abate accordingly.
It. I ordain, constitute & appoint my dear & loving wife Abigail Kellogg and my loving frind Capt. Samuel Partridge to be joint executors of this my last will and testament adnulling and making void all former or other will or wills, testaments by me formerly or otherwise made, and this to be taken unproved and holden to all intents and purposes my last will and testament to which I subscribe and seal this 27th June, 1707, the day and year above written.

Wit.-- Joseph X Kellogg
Nathaniel White Mark
John Goodman
Elizabeth Lane
Notes for Joanna (Kellogg)
Died shortly after the birth of her last child, having had 9 children in 15 years. Joseph went on to have another 11.
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