NameVicar William Cooke
Birthabt 1562, Stratton, Dorset, England
Birth Memoplace from AF
Will7 Feb 1614/5, Crediton, Devon, England [1049]
Deathbef 26 Jun 1615, Crediton, Devon, England [1049]
Death Memo(will proven)
Marriage27 Apr 1597, Stockton, Wiltshire, England [605, Cites Stockton rec]
SpouseMartha White
Birthabt 1577, Stanton, St. John, England [604]
Deathafter 29 Mar 1648/9, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Death MemoBequest from brother.
FatherJohn White (~1540-<1618)
MotherIsabel Bawle (1552-1601)
1 MNathaniel Cooke
Christenbef 1603, Crediton, Devon, England
Burial20 Apr 1603, Crediton, Devon, England [605]
Birthabt 1602, Prob. Crediton, Devon, England
Death1682, Marblehead, Essex Co, MA [604]
Marriage10 Apr 1627, Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, England [605]
3 MSamuel Cooke
Christen13 Jan 1604/5, Crediton, Devon, England [605]
Death? , Crediton, Devon, England
4 FSusannah Cooke
Christen20 Jan 1606, Crediton, Devon, England [379]
Deathaft 1637
Death MemoNamed in Aunt Mary’s will
5 MNathaniel Cooke
Christen18 Jun 1609, Crediton, Devon, England [379]
Deathaft 1637
Death MemoNamed in Aunt Mary’s will
6 FMary Cooke
ChristenMay 1611, Crediton, Devon, England [379]
Death1645-1650 [1049]
SpouseAaron Cooke
7 FMartha Cooke
Christen7 Feb 1614, Crediton, Devon, England [605]
Deathbef 1637
Death MemoNot named in aunt Mary’s will
Notes for Vicar William Cooke
“Rev. COOKE received his BA on Nov. 3, 1582 and MA on Jul. 22, 1587 from Magdalen College, Oxford. He became a fellow of Magdalen College, and on Sep. 20, 1595 was chosen to be vicar of the church of Crediton, Devonshire. Since Magdalen College fellows were not permitted to marry, he resigned the position prior to his marriage in 1598... (Will) names wife Martha, son Nathaniel, and daughters Elizabeth, Susan, Mary and Martha. Also named was "Mr. John White, my father in lawe," and an overseer was "Brother-in-law, Mr. John White, preacher in Dorchester.”” (Stephen Lawson,, ref Search for Mary and John [544])
Notes for Martha White
Her brother was Reverend John White, who was a founder of Dorchester, MA. John signed a pedigree that showed the marriage of his sister Martha to William Cooke. The will of her sister Martha names Elizabeth Cooke Walton as her niece and Martha as her sister. The will was dated 5 Oct 1637 and recorded at Canterbury. [604]
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