NameGeoffrey Fiske
Birthabt 1425, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Will3 May 1504, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Deathbef 13 May 1504, (will prv) Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
FatherSimon Fiske (~1400-<1464)
SpouseMargaret (---?---)
Birthabt 1430
Deathbef 13 May 1504, (will prv) Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
1 MMaster John Fiske
Birthabt 1465, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Deathaft 25 Jun 1505, of Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
2 FJohane Fiske
Birthabt 1467, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
3 FMaryon Fiske
Birthabt 1469, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
4 FMargaret Fiske
Birthabt 1472, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Birthabt 1474, Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Deathaft 1536, of Laxfield, Suffolk, England [607]
Notes for Geoffrey Fiske
Of Laxfield, Suffolk in 1472, 1477, 1496, 1499. Legatee in father’s 1463 will.

His son, Master John Fyske, proved both his parents wills on the same day. Will names son John, Johane, Maryon (prob m. Thomas Thrower), Geoffrey, Simon. Wife’s will also names daughter Margaret m. Geoffrey Cryspe. [607]
Will notes for Geoffrey Fiske
The Will of Jaffrey Fyske of Laxfeld [Laxfield, Co.
Suffolk], dated 3 May 1504. To be buried in Laxfeld
parish. To the high altar there, for tithes forgotten,
3s. 4d. To the repair of the parish church 6s. 8d. To
the repair of the bell 3s. 4d. To the repair of the
Chapel of Our Lady in said parish and for arrear[s]
of some rents pertaining to said chapel 6s. 8d. To Our
Lady's Gild in Laxfeld 3s. 4d. Bequests to the Friars
of Dunwich and Orford [Co. Suffolk]. To my son, Master
John Fyske, to sing for me a year after my decease, a
sufficient stipend. To the poor in Laxfeld 10s. To the
mending of foul ways 20s. To each godchild 12d. To each
"Bell chyld of myne" 12d. To my daughter Johane 5 marks.
To my daughter Maryon 6s. 8d. To Margaret Kempe a heifer.
My house and land are to be sold, except a pightle bought
of Nicholas Baas, [which is] to be sold him at a "meone"
price. My son Jeffrey is to have the first purchase and
within 40s. of any other. "Nevertheless I am otherwyse
counselled by my other children whereof finally I put
it to the discrescion of my executors & specially my son
Master John Fyske to say how my son Jeffrey shall pay."
He who purchases my place is to have the stock of "beys"
[i.e., bees] there lying and to pay 2 lbs. wax to the
light before the crucifix in Laxfeld church as long as
the stock shall endure, if so much increase of wax come
yearly off the said stock. Executors and residuary
legatees: my sons Master John Fyske and Symond Fyske,
to dispose to the health of my soul; and to each of
them 6s. 8d. Proved 13 May 1504 by Master John Fyske,
with power reserved to Simon Fyske. (Archdeaconry of
Suffolk [Ipswich Probate Registry], book 4, fo. 134.)
Notes for Margaret (---?---)
Handwritten will proven by son on the same day her husband’s was. As she is not mentioned in his will, it seems likely she died shortly before he wrote his will on 3 May 1504. [607]
Will notes for Margaret (---?---)
In dei no'ie, Amen. In the yere of our Lord God m.
ccccciiij, the iiijth day of Maye; I Margaret
ffyske of Laxfield, wiff of Jaffrey Ffyske of the
same town, beynge of good mynde and hoole rememberaunce,
Mak my Testament and last will in this manner of wise
folowynge, ffirst, I bequeth my soule to Almyghty
God, to our Lady Saynte Marye, and to all the hooly
company of hevyn, and my body to be buryed in the
cherchyerd of Laxfeld, aforesaid. Item, I bequeth to
the heye auter in Dennington, xijd.; and to the heye
auter in Laxfield xijd. Item, to the gilde of our Lady
in the same town iijs iiijd. Item, I bequeth to the
blakke Fryers of Donwich iijs iiijd.; and to the Grey
Fryers in the same town, iijs iiijd. Item, for a prests'
s'vyce by an hoole yere a resonable stypende. Item, I
bequeth to Mr. John Fyske x s. Item, to Jaffrey his
brother, vis viijd. Item to the same Jaffrey a brasse
pan vnbounde. Item to Eche Godchild, iiijd. Item, I
bequeth to Margarett Cryspe, the wiff of Jaffrey Cryspe,
whelewryght, a brass potte. Item, to John Base, of
Dennington, the yonger o potte wt a broke yde. Item, to
Ele Warner of Denyngton my best cappe. Item, to Edeny
Basse an harnesse gyrdill wt a blewe corse. Item, to
Johan Lefechild, of Norwich, xijd. Item to Isabell West,
a cote, a peyer hosys and a peyer of shoys. Item I
bequeth to Drap's wyff my cloke. All myn other gooddys
not geven nor bequethed I geue and bequeth to Mr. John
Fyske, whom I ordeyn and make myn feythfull Executor
to fulfille this testament and to dispose for me to
the most pleasure and honor to Godde and profyght to
my soule. Proved at Horeham, May 13, 1504.
(Archdeaconry of Suffolk [Ipswich Probate Registry],
book 4, fo. 135)
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