NameGeorge Aldrich
Birthabt 1605
Death1 Mar 1682, Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts [239]
Marriage3 Sep 1629, England
SpouseCatherine Seald
Death11 Jan 1691/2, Mendon, Worcester, MA [239]
1 MJohn Aldrich
Birth2 Apr 1644, Braintree, Norfolk Co, MA [162]
Death2 Apr 1685, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts [1102]
Spousesarah leach
SpouseSarah Thompson
Birth16 Jan 1645/6, Braintree, Suffolk Co, MA [162]
Burial17 Feb 1684/5, Rehoboth, Bristol Co, MA [59]
Marriage1665, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA
3 MPeter Aldrich
Death20 May 1692, Shelter Island, Long Island, New York, USA [1102]
Birth14 Apr 1648, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts [162]
SpouseMehitable Swazey
4 FMercy Aldrich
Birth17 Jun 1650, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [162]
Death26 Sep 1702, Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [1102]
5 MJacob Aldrich
Death22 Oct 1695, Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA [1102]
Birth28 Feb 1652, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [162]
SpouseHuldah Thayer
6 FMartha Aldrich
Birth10 Jul 1656, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [162]
DeathJul 1700, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [1102]
SpouseJohn Dunbar
Notes for George Aldrich

In the name of God Amen --

I, George Aldrich being weak in body but of sound understanding dispose of my estate as followeth:

Item -- I leave my house and land and whole estate with my beloved wife during her life.

Item -- I give my daughters, (Mary Aldrich, Sarah Bartlett, Mercy Randall, and Martha Dunbar), twelve pence apiece to be paid by my executrix.

Item -- I give my wearing clothes to my eldest son, Joseph Aldrich.

Item -- I give my son, John Aldrich, all my books after my wife's decease.

Item -- I give to my grandson John Aldrich, son of Joseph Aldrich, thirty shillings upon condition that he live with his grandmother according to his father's promise.

Item -- I give to my youngest son, Jacob Aldrich, all my lands after my wife's decease.

It is hereby intended all my land laid out and to be laid out with all rights and privileges there unto belonging.

I make my beloved wife sole executrix of my whole estate. I make my son, Jacob Aldrich, overseer of my will -- Dated: Mendon, the second day of November, 1682 -- by me.

George Aldrich

Signed in the presence of us -- Josiah Chapin, Joseph White
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