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Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution


Hessian Guide 

Hessians remaining in America  listing.




by John Merz

page 43 reprinted here with permission

kindly sent in by Bill Hawk

Copyrights: 2005


During and after the American Revolution of the 30,000 Soldiers supplied by six German principalities, an estimated 6,000 men were discharged or deserted from the ranks, and quite a number returned later from Germany. Of those men, approx. 3500 remained in the new United States of America, and the rest selected to settle in Canada, mostly in the French-Canadian part, a few hundred in either Nova Scotia or Ontario, only a very few in the Provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.


During my first fifteen years of researching where those so-called Hessians settled down and raised families, I have found some information on about 3000 of them, not counting the Hessian settlers of Quebec (1500 - 2000).


In the following list of names which is by no means complete, in fact, due to an unfortunate computer problem I lost quite a bit of data, and only the fortunate circumstance that months earlier I had made a printout saved those names in printed form. It will take me a few months again to feed them back into my computer together with the since newly found names. However, research is an ongoing process and it would not be a good idea to wait with publishing until you feel you have them all.

Some of the names are variations, as everybody is aware of the fact that the original German name has undergone changes, in some cases very drastic ones, I would advise to check through the whole list and mark those which you suspect could be related to yours. Every name has some references to where it was found, and in order to find those references, turn to the full listing of references, appearing in numerical sequence right after the list of names. There is no particular system to find those references, they were numbered as they were found, from 1 to 100 are mostly books or official publications, from 101 to 299 articles found in respect to Hessian soldier's history, and 300 to 399 are personal documents as supplied by descendants, etc.

 From John Merz's Guide to Help You Find Your Hessian Soldier of the American Revolution


Note from John Merz


Hello Hessians; After my first printing of my book "GUIDE" of which I sold many many copies, I have now been made aware of the fact that there was a page missing explaining the abbreviations used in my Hessian soldiers listings: I apologize for this oversight and here they are:






A B B R E V I A T I O N S 


B*D        =     Baptised daughter 

B*S        =     Baptised son 

B.R.       =     Butler's Rangers 

CQ92    =     listed in Quebec Census 1792 

CQ95    =     listed in Quebec Census 1795 

D*          =      Died 

D1         =      Discharged from unit 

D1Can  =      Discharged in Canada 

D2         =       Deseserted from unit 

D2NY    =      Deserted in New York 

KRRNY =      King's Royal Regiment of NewYork        

(Provincial Corps) LC         =       Land Certificate 

LG         =       Land Grant 

LP         =       Land Petition 

M*          =       Married 

MF         =       Microfilm (see separate listings) 

Q1800   =      On VondenVelden List of Hessians in Quebec 1800 

RTCan  =      Returned to Canada after release in Germany 

SH*       =       Sold himself in U.S.A. (indentured for 3 years) 

W*         =       Witness 

WB*      =       Witnessed Baptism 

WM*     =        Witnessed Marriage.





These German Military units served in North America from 1776 to 1783

Page 10 of the Hessian Guide


A-B Ansbach-Bayreuth Regiments

A-Z Anhalt Zerbst Regiment

B-1 Brunswick Dragoon Regt. Prinz Ludwig

B-2 Brunswick Musketier Regt. Prinz Friedrich

B-3 Brunswick Musketier Regt. von Riedesel

B-4 Brunswick Grenadier Battalion von Breymann

B-5 Brunswick Musketeer Regt. von Specht

B-6 Brunswick Musketier Regt. von Rhetz

B-8 Brunswick Regiment von Ehrenkrook

B-9 Brunswick Regiment von Barrier (Chasseurs)

B-10 Brunswick Batt]. Major de Lucke (disbanded 1781)

B-? Brunswick troops (Regiment or Battl. unknown)

HAJ Hanau Jaegercorps (Chasseur Corps)

HAR Hanau Artillery Corps

HHE Hanau Regiment Erbprinz

HFK Hanau Frei Corps (The Free Corps served only in N.Y.)

K-1 Kassel Leib Infantry Regiment

K-2 Kassel Fuselier Regiment Erbprinz

K-3 Kassel Musketier Regt. Prinz Carl

K-4 Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Ditfuerth

K-5 Kassel Musketeer Regt. von Donop

K-6 Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Lossberg

K-7 Kassel Fuselier Regt. von Knyphausen

K-8 Kassel Musketier Regt. von Truembach/von Bose

K-9 Kassel Musketeer Regt. von Mirbach

K-10 Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Rall

K-11 Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Linsingen

K-12 Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Block/von Lengerke

K-13 Kassel Grenadier Regt. von Minnigerode

K-15 Kassel Artillery Corps

K-16 Kassel Regiment von Huyn/von Benning

K-17 Kassel Regiment von Stein/von Seitz

K-18 Kassel Gren.Battl. Koehler/Graf/Platte

K-19 Kassel Regiment von Wissenbach/von Knoblauch

K-20 Kassel Regiment von Buenau

K-22 Kassel Feldjaegercorps (Chasseur corps)

K-23 Kassel Regiment Landgraf/von Wutgenau

K-? Soldier of Kassel troops (Regiment unknown)

WAL Waldeck Regiment

Many Loyalist (English) Military units enlisted German officers and men who had previously served with above listed German units, and had escaped from American prison camps.


note from John: dated 25 Aug 2005 and sent to the mailing list.


"SOURCES" The information collected for this publication has been found in various sources, such as books, historical works, dissertations, and other documentations, and is listed herein in numerical order as the information has been received. In other words, the S#1 (Source #1) was the first source studied by this researcher, followed by #2, and so on. When studying the "One-Line-Name" entries or personal data files of particular soldiers, sources are quoted as they have been found. Most of the material quoted can be obtained for closer study from your local Public Library or through Inter-Library loan. Most research centres do have significant holdings of source material of their own. One more clarification:  If it says $18, 192, 400, that means it refers to S#18, S#192, S#400.  With one-line listings, every type space counts. Hope this will answer some of your questions. Yours John Helmut Merz






Abbesti  to Becker  Page 44 & 45

Becker to Bornmann   Page 46 &47

Borries to Crass      Page 48 & 49

Crass to Dreder    Page 50 & 51

Drube to Fazenbaker    Page 52 & 53

Feaga to Gerlach     Page 54 & 55

Gerlinger to Hahn        Page 56 & 57

Hahne to Henning      Page 58 & 59

Henning to Hundhammer   Page 60 & 61

Huntsucker to Klamrott     Page 62 & 63

Klapp to Kress       Page 64 & 65

Krieger to Linck       Page 66 & 67

Linck to Meller          Page 68 & 69

Mellor to Naumann       Page 70 & 71

Neavalt to Prinzhausen    Page 72 & 73

Probst to Ruff      Page 74 & 75

Ruhl to Schmidt   Page 76 & 77 

Schmidtmeyer to Seltzer     Page 78 & 79

Selzam to Stauber         Page 80 & 81

Staucke to Tuchscherer      Page 82 & 83

Tude to Weimar             Page 84 & 85

Weingaertner to Ziegler     Page 86 & 87

Zigler to Zulauf          Page 88 & the end


Names of Additional Soldiers not found in the Hessian Guide - Link

(Can't find your Hessian check here, if you have your solider and proof of units list him here.)



The S# numbers are explained on these pages




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The Bayreuther Zeitung Newspaper
No. 58, 23 March, 1802.

Ansbach Regiment

Marie Rasnick Fetzer

Bob Brooks

Ansbach - Bayreuth Troops

Jochen Seidel


TERM PDF as used by John Merz is not an Adobe electronic file, it is Personal Data File for an individual soldier.



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