SMITHS AND FROGS An American Song:
350 Years In The New World 

Genealogical Social History From a Subjective View  by Carolyn McDaniel 
An American Song is an ongoing, scholarly  work, embracing American History  through a "Folk" view, specifically the genealogy and family history of my own folk heroes:  my own ancestors  and  associated families.  This is a copyrighted © work, and may not be copied ,  (except under fair use rules) , disseminated, reprinted,  or republished without permission of the author.


          The Library of Virginia is the repository of the most fabulous online records, which their new Homepage
announces  now exceeds over 2.2 million digitized records.  The Preston/Floyd Bible is contained, along with thousands of others in the Bible and Manuscript Department.  Also important for Virginia researchers  is Gordon Aronhine's notes on Southwest Virginia Families, Virginia Military Indexes, Virginia Land Grants, and Colonial records and documents.  All wonderful.  But nothing can compare to seeing  the actual Bible leaves, the original handwriting, the sentiment and love which went into preserving these priceless family  records.
          It appears that Edward Pleasants Valentine never saw this Bible.  He refers to a newspaper article delineating the family history, which certainly was based on information from the Bible, but since he doesn't mention the Bible, I believe he was unaware of it.  The record seems to have been written essentially all at one time, which of course always must be taken into consideration when assessing the reliability of the information.

    I  copied this Bible Record  18 October 1997, from the Preston Family Bible, # 26190 at the Library of Virginia. 

      At the time it was originally photocopied on  20 August 1964 it was in the possession of  N. Floyd Holmes, 1808 Boston Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida.  He made the notation that it was a present to Laetitia Preston Floyd from her mother, Mrs. Susanna Smith Preston.  She, Laetitia,  was his g-g-grandmother, wife of Gov. John Floyd.  He states that anyone wishing to know anything about the Bible might write to him.  The Bible was published in 1828.  Pages 1 and 2 contain the previous information.  Page 3 is comprised of a double sided leaf.      {shown here}

Reading the Preston family's records is history in itself.  Here are the names and families who formed the next chapter in American history, after the
original settlements.

          Archibald PRESTON of the Kingdom of Ireland was the father of John PRESTON who married Elizabeth PATTON, the daughter of Henry PATTON and Sarah LYNN.  John PRESTON and his wife immigrated to American with his brother-in-law Gov. (?) (Col.?) James PATTON to the County of Augusta in the year 1736.  Those children were Mrs. Letece BRECKENRIDGE, Mrs. Margaret BROWN, William PRESTON, Mrs. Ann SMITH, Mrs. Mary HOWARD.  William PRESTON was born in the town of Newton Limavaddy in the north of Ireland on the 25th of Dec 1729.  He married Susanna Smith of Hanover County, State of Virginia whose father was Francis SMITH of the same county whose father was Dr. John SMITH whose wife was Elizabeth BALLARDFrancis SMITH married Elizabeth WADDY  who was the daughter of Anthony WADDY and Sarah PARKE of New Kent County.  Susanna SMITH  was born in Hanover County the 23rd of Jany. 1740 and was married to William PRESTON 17th of July 1761 by the Rev. Patrick Henry.  The year of this marriage was {sic} Elizabeth PRESTON born on 31st May 1762 in Augusta County.  She was married on the 1st day of Jany 1778 to Willam MADISON of Botetourt County and died  the 4th of Feby. 1837.  John PRESTON was born at Greenfield, Botetourt County 2nd day of May 1764. Francis PRESTON was born at Greenfield 2nd day of August 1765.  Sarah PRESTON was born at Greenfield 3 May 1767.  Ann PRESTON was born at Greenfield 12th of Feby 1769.  William PRESTON was born at Greenfields 5th of September 1770.  Susanna PRESTON was born at Greenfields 7th of October 1772.  James Patton PRESTON was born at Smithfield, Montgomery County June 21st 1774.  Mary PRESTON was born at Smithfield September  29th, 1776.  Latitia PRESTON was born at Smithfield September 29th 1779.  {NOTE:  The last two dates are the same days, but different years, but this is what was written.}
Page 4 contains two double leaves:
          Thomas Lewis PRESTON was born at Smithfield August 19th, 1781.  Peggy BROWN PRESTON  was born at Smithfield Feb 23rd, 1784.  Latitia PRESTON was married to John FLOYD in Franklin County, State of Kentucky on the 13th of May 1804.  The parents of John FLOYD were John FLOYD whose father was WIlliam FLOYD who married Mrs. Abadiah DAVIS of Amherst County, Virginia.  John FLOYD married Jane BUCHANAN of Botetourt County who was the daughter of Col (or Gov) John BUCHANAN and Margaret PATTON who was the daughter of Col. James PATTON of Augusta County.  John BUCHANAN was the son of James BUCHANAN and Jane SAYERS of Northumberland County, Pensylvania (sic).  Mr. BUCHANAN moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia where he died and was buried near Providence Meeting House.  John FLOYD and Letitia FLOYDS children were Susanna SMITH FLOYD b. at Smithfield, Montgomery County on Wednesday March 14, 1805.  Susanna SMITH FLOYD died at Smithfield August 29th, 1806.  John FLOYD was born at Smithfield on Sunday June the 1st, 1806.  eorge Rogers Clark  FLOYD {large water spot} was born at Eliza MADISONS on {obscured} in Montgomery County on Saturday morning November 20th, 1807.  George Rogers Clark FLOYD died at Christianburg on the 15th of August Saturday morning 1808.  William PRESTON FLOYD was born at Christianburg Jan 15, 1809.
Page 5 contains two double leaves:
George ROGERS CLARK FLOYD was born at Christianburg on Teusday September 13, 1810.  Benjamin Rush FLOYD was born at Smithfield on Teusday Dec  1811  Letitia Preston FLOYD was born near Blacksburg on Sunday March 13, 1814.  Eliza Lavolette Madison FLOYD was born at the Thorn Spring on Monday December 16  {large water spot} 1816 (rewritten). Nicholas (?) Buchanan FLOYD was born at the Thorn Spring sunday morning June 6, 1819.  Coraly Patton FLOYD was born at the Thorn Sprinng on Saturday morning at 3 oclock January 26, 1822 and departed this life July the 14th on Sunday morning 1833.  Thomas Lewis Preston FLOYD was born August 16th at daylight 1824 at the Thorn Spring and departed this life on Saturday morning at daylight September 4, 1824==
  Mary Lewis Morning FLOYD was born March 18th(or 10th?) Saturday morning at day light in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven at the Thorn Spring.  Thursday 26th day of July 1833 at day break she departed this life--------
John FLOYD departed this life August 16, 1837 at sunrise on Thursday at the Sweet Springs in Virginia where he was buried on the Hill in the grave yard of Mrs. William LEWIS, Sen.  {obscured} -cas to the grave of Mrs. Mary LEWIS his sister-in-law.
John FLOYD graduated at the University of Pensylvania as Doctor of medicine in April 1806.  He was appointed Justice of the Peace for Montgomery County in 1807.  Was commissioned Major of the Militia in 1808.  Served as Surveyor on the lines of Virginia.  Was elected to the House of Delegates of Virginia in April of 1813.  Was _____ as member of Congress in 1817 where he continued until the year 1829.  He was made Governor of Virginia at the close of the first constitution of the States and elected unanimously by the House Assembly as Governor under the amended constitution in 1831.  He was appointed Brigadier General of the 17th Brigade of Virginia Militia.
On 2nd leaf, in center of page:  Mrs. Mary PATTON the wife of Col (or Gov?) James PATTON was a Mrs. OSBORNE of White Haven.
On Page 7:  This Bible was a special legacy from my (venerated?) mother    Mrs. Letitia PRESTON of Montgomery County, Virginia.
This day September 29th, 1838 completes my 59th year.  I have determined to record for the benefit of my children this (enduring?) list of the names, places of birth, _____ marriages and deaths of their ancestors as far back as the _______ of my mother and paternal

Thursday August 27th 1863, heard of a fight at Dry (Creek?) between the Yankees and our forces.