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Dooley Family History

My Dooley line has been traced back by other researchers to Henry Dooley born about 1710 possibly in Ireland.  He married Martha Andersen who was born in Virginia.  They were married between 1734 and 1735 in Virginia.  It is unknown for sure if Henry was really born in Ireland or if he was born in Virginia.  However, it has not been proven that Henry & Martha are really the parents of my Moses Dooley.

Henry and Martha [if they are the right parents] had 11 known children, and according to DNA testing this line is quite accurate that I descend from.  There are a group of Dooley researchers online called the DooleyCousins and they research all Dooley lines and variant spellings.  Many hours and years have been spent verifying these lines.

The theory prevails that quite possibly Henry was the son of a Thomas O'Dooley from Ireland, all of this is speculation.  My grandmother told me that this was the original name of her family before they came to America.  For the sake of argument, I have included Thomas O'Dooley as the head of this family, again, it is unfounded.

The Dooleys were a pioneering family in America.  They settled in many areas as the first settlers, living in forts, fighting against and alongside Indians, and migrating across the country.  Many of the Dooley men were preachers of different faiths, some even starting their own churches.

My Dooley line started in Virginia, and finally landed in Indiana after living in Kentucky and Ohio.





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