Hanson Photos

Hanson Photos
My great grandmother, Celesta Jane Hanson, was married twice.
I have a few photos of her and her first husband Arthur Albert Harrell, and their first child Viola Mae
This photo is located under the Harrell family photos.

The majority of the photos on this page are owned by me or someone in my family.
However, due to the fact that they are being pirated into other online resources, I have had to "stamp"
my ownership on them since these pirates are NOT sourcing where they took the photos from.
I am by no means intending to state I own all of these photos (since many were donated by others), this is only for protection
from "newbies" who should realize you never use things in your trees or on your websites without sourcing where they came from.

Hanson family reunion circa 1888  1-Joe Hanson, 2-Celesta, 3-Ray

Hanson Family Reunion

Hanson Family Reunion

Hanson family reunion

Hanson family, unknown

Hanson family Joe with arm on the chair of his father Edwin & step mother Mary (Hobson) Hanson center front

Hanson & Healton gathering
circa 1923

Edwin Hanson

Mary Hobson Hanson
2nd wife of Edwin Hanson

Mary Jane (Hanson) Davis

Great Grandpa Hanson's sisters: Aunt Molly Davis 1st generation; Dora Baker 2nd generation; Alzada Henderson 3rd generation; Lowell Henderson 4th generation who became a doctor at Mayo Clinic

Alzada & Lowell R. Baker
children of Mayo Elvin Baker & Dora Elsie Davis
grandchildren of Lindley F. Davis &
Mary Jane Hanson

Lowell Henderson & grandmother
Dora Baker

Evelyn Lucille Baker age 6 weeks
back of photo inscribed to "Mrs. W.J.? Baker 1200 E. Markland Ave. as it is I?G"
Who were her parents?

Edwin & son Joseph

Joe Hanson home

Viola Healton Hanson
first wife of Joe Hanson

Joseph Edwin Hanson & Viola Healton
marriage tintype c. December 1882
photo owned by Esther Paschal

Hanson Family; Joseph Edwin Hanson seated 2nd from left

Joe Hanson surrounded by children &

Joe Hanson with children, grandchildren &
great grandchildren

Joseph Edwin Hanson & daughter
Carrie (Hanson) Young

Joseph Edwin Hanson & granddaughter
Viola Mae (Harrell) Hedrick

Joe Hanson circa 1932

Joe Hanson in front of his own
landscape painting

Joe Hanson in front of another
of his landscape paintings

Joe Hanson circa 1944

Joe Hanson circa 1948

Celesta Jane Hanson only child of Joe & Viola Hanson

Celesta Jane Hanson &
Addie Mulligan

Celesta & half brothers Harvey & Ray

Celesta Hanson w/violin

Elwood & Celesta (Hanson) Harrell Hibler

Celesta Jane (Hanson) Harrell Hibler

Ray, Pearl, & Mazie Hanson

Evan & Mazie (Hanson) Michael and Henry & Millie Michael (parents of Evan)

Henry & Millie Michael (parents of Evan)

Harry Hanson son of
Vern Hanson

Baby, photo addressed to Mr. Ralph Hanson (is this Ralph the s/o Vern Hanson, and who is the baby?)

Carrie (Hanson) Young

Carrie (Hanson) Young

Carrie (Hanson), Chalmer &
Helen Young

Mrs. Wright &
Carrie (Hanson) Young

Joe & Thelma Hanson
who are they?

On the back of this photo it only says:  "Aunt Arletta Harshbarger & Aunt Amy Hollingsworth" and there are X's on the women in question; they are both daughters of Edwin Hanson & Mary Hobson; it is unknown by me who the rest of the folks are.

Arletta (Hanson) & Charles Harsbarger


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