Shafer Family Photos of Grant Co., Indiana

Shafer Photos
Many of these photos were found in my grandmother Zelma (Dooley) Shafer's collection of photos.  Others have been sent to me by family researchers.

The majority of the photos on this page are owned by me or someone in my family.
However, due to the fact that they are being pirated into other online resources, I have had to "stamp"
my ownership on them since these pirates are NOT sourcing where they took the photos from.
I am by no means intending to state I own all of these photos (since many were donated by others), this is only for protection
from "newbies" who should realize you never use things in your trees or on your websites without sourcing where they came from.

F.C.C. Schaper
a.k.a Chris Shafer

F.C.C. Schaper &
C.C. Schaefer
a.k.a Chris & C.C. Shafer

Aunt Tena Lawson?
Could this be Frances Lawson Shafer and family?

Ruth (Marshall) Shafer

Who is this woman?

Otto Shafer

Grace (Renbarger) Shafer

Otto Shafer & Joe the dog

Otto, Ira, Terry Shafer & Joe the dog

Charles F. & Albert R. Shafer

Verlin, Bill and Virgil Shafer

Mary Marguerite Shafer

Verlin & Zelma Shafer
Donald & Lucille Drook

Zelma (Dooley) Shafer

Harriett, Zelma, & Dwight Shafer [my aunt, grandmother, and uncle]

Mary Ellen Shafer

Mary Ellen Shafer

4 Generations of Shafers & Renbargers

Dwight Shafer, Jr.
[graduation, my uncle]

Mary Ellen Shafer
[graduation, my mother]

Verlin Dwight Jr. & Mary Ellen Shafer

Verlin Dwight Shafer, Jr. at grandpa Charles Dooley's house

Verlin Dwight Shafer, Jr. on motorcycle

Dwight, Virgil, Verlin Shafer, Byron Renbarger, Otto & Ira Shafer

Tommy & Harriet (Shafer) Redd Brown

Mary Ellen Shafer

Mary Ellen Shafer

Verlin Dwight Shafer, Sr. and cat

Zelma (Dooley) & Mary Ellen Shafer

Zelma (Dooley) Shafer

Zelma (Dooley) Shafer

Frances (Collins) & Ira Shafer
C.C. Schaefer

Frances (Lawson) Schaefer gravestone


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