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Family History has always been of great interest to me but the experts (my sister Carole and my Mom) were already working on my family. So I decided to find out what I could about my husband's family. I started with walking thruough cemeteries, searching courthouses and talking with anyone willing to talk to share their memories.

The research on the Murphy family was started by me and continues to grow with the help of cousins I've met along the way, particularly Emma Lou Weldon of Florida.

The research on the Wente / Skaggs family is the work of my mother, Ruth Ellen Skaggs and my sister, Carole Lee Wente Corder. I continue to try to research this family but am usually two steps behind Carole. She is a wonderful researcher.

Much of this information is proven; some of it is family lore and speculation. Please use this information to add to your family files and I encourage to let me know if you have other information I might use to add to or correct my files.

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