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Hemstreet Family Main Page

This page is devoted to the Hemstreet Family Tree.  I am descended from William Hemstreet, who is one of 4 sons of John D. Hemstreet, who was a town supervisor of the town of Ohio in Herkimer County, New York.  History on John D. Hemstreet indicates that he came to Herkimer County from Montgomery County, where there were numerous Heemstraats. 

It appears that John D. Hemstreet was Johannes Dirk Heemstraat - a son of Takel Dirk Heemstraat of the Montgomery County Heemstraats.  To view the Hemstreet family tree,  click here.  To view the online version of the tree at Rootsweb World Connect, click here.  To view some photos of Hemstreets, click here...  To see the In Memorium section, click here...photos.htm

If you have any information to add, please e-mail me.

Research Aids

In my recent research, the Herkimer County geneological sites have been invaluable.   Additionally, the Herkimer County GenWeb site has been very useful, as has the Herkimer County Historical Society .