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Margaret Russell's Family
Wife of Robert Anderson (under generation 8 above)



Covering the 18th & 19th century



Generation 1:

1-1) JOHN RUSSELL- Probably born about 1732 & christened on June 4, 1732. His parents could have been ALEXANDER RUSSELL & JANET HART. John was a farmer near Slamannan in Stirlingshire. He died in 1772....+MARY SPEIRS- Possibly born in 1730 & christened on June 28, 1730. Her parents were ALEXANDER SPEIRS & JEAN GRINDLAY. The marriage date for Mary & John is currently unknown. After John's death she had to leave the farm. When their children were grown Mary kept a school around Falkirk until she was almost blind. In her advanced years she lived with her son-in-law, William Dickson, at the Lynns (near Slamannan). She died there about 1820.

*Note: Mr. Doug Soutar, a descendant of Alexander Speirs & Jean Grindlay, has a family history website at



Generation 2:

John & Mary (Speirs) Russell's children:

2-1) JEAN RUSSELL- Born on October 30, 1758 & christened on December 3, 1758 in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She died about May 1828....+WILLIAM DICKSON- Born about 1757. His parents were JOHN DICKSON (a smith in Auchinsterrie near Kilsyth) & AGNES HAY. William and Jean were married on June 8, 1782 in Slamannan, Stirlingshire. They had about 9 children. He was a farmer at The Lynns near Slamannan and died about 1833.

2-2) ALEXANDER RUSSELL- Born on July 16, 1760 (Died young).

2-3) JANET RUSSELL- Born on February 21, 1763 and died about 1815....+THOMAS MUIRHEAD- Birth & death dates unknown. He was a widower when he married Jean in January 1801 in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. They had no children. Thomas was a shoemaker in Grahamston, Falkirk and died in 1818. There is a October 30, 1818 Stirling Sheriff Court testament & October 31, 1818 Stirling Commissary Court testament for him.

2-4) WILLIAM RUSSEL (Our direct ancestor)- Born on July 2, 1765. He was a Wright (a joiner or carpenter). There is a 1841 census that has him living on Westport Street in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire with his 2nd wife and 4 of their 5 children. He died on June 18, 1848 and was buried at the Kilsyth Old Churchyard ...+MARGARET MILLER (1st wife & Our direct ancestor)- Born about 1774 in possibly Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She and William, both from the Parish of Kilsyth, were booked to be married on January 30, 1795 & married on February 26, 1795 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They had six children. Margaret died in or before 1812....+MARGARET WANDS (2nd wife)- Born about 1779 in Scotland. Her parents were JOHN WANDS (a farmer in Longhill near Auchinsterrie) & JEAN FERGUS. She & William were married on August 14, 1812 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire. They had fix children. Margaret died on December 16, 1859 at her home on Westport Street. The cause of death was old age. Margaret's daughter, Ann, was the informant of her death. She was buried next to husband at the Kilsyth Old Churchyard.

William & Margaret (Wands) Russel's gravestone
Photo provided by Anne Anderson
Genealogy related photography based in Stirlingshire, Scotland

2-5) AGNES RUSSEL- Born on February 20, 1768 in Scotland. She died in December 1843 & and was buried at the Kilsyth Old Churchyard....+GEORGE LEISHMAN- Born about 1770 & christened on May 13, 1770 in Airth, Stirlingshire. His parents were THOMAS LEISHMAN (a farmer in Bowtrees, Larbert Parish & then abt. 1778 in Powlees, Larbert Parish) & MARY WILSON. The marriage date and place for George and Agnes is unknown. He was a farmer in Powless & then Bowtree (starting in November 1818). George died on February 17, 1842 & and was buried at the Kilsyth Old Churchyard.

George & Agnes (Russel) Leishman's gravestone
Photo provided by Anne Anderson
Genealogy related photography based in Stirlingshire, Scotland

2-6) MARY RUSSELL- Born on April 20, 1770 in Scotland &died there about 1801....+JOHN GENTLES- Born about 1763 in Scotland & christened on December 25, 1763 in Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland. His parents were ANDREW GENTLES (had a meal mill at Caston Hall near Denny) & JANET ALLAN. John married Mary probably on November 22, 1799 in Dunipace, Stirlingshire. He was a mason and married another Mary Russell on July 2, 1802 in Denny, Stirlingshire.

2-7) EBENEZER RUSSELL- Born on August 1, 1772 probably in Denny, Stirlingshire. He was a ploughman in Stoneywood near Denny & died in December 1811...+MARY GILCHRIST (1st wife)- Born about 1773 in Scotland. Her parents are currently unknown. She & Ebenezer were married on August 29, 1794 in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. They had one son that died about 1814. Mary died before 1798....+MARGARET GENTLES (2nd wife)-Born or christened on June 17, 1771 in Denny, Stirlingshire. Her parents were ANDREW GENTLES (had a meal mill at Caston Hall near Denny) & JANET ALLAN. She & Ebenezer were married about 1798 possibly in Denny, Stirlingshire. They had three or more children. Margaret died about 1846.



Generation 3:

William & Margaret (Miller) Russell's 6 children:

3-1) MARY RUSSELL- Born on January 17, 1796 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She died in September 1876....+ WILLIAM BANKIER- Born on September 26, 1785 in Kilsyth. His parents were JAMES BANKIER (a carrier in Kilsyth) & GRACE GRAHAM. William was sergeant in 42nd foot, pensioner, and weaver in Kilsyth, He died on April 24, 1851.

3-2) ROBERT RUSSELL- Born on June 10, 1798 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He was a wright in Kilsyth. Robert died in February 1837....+ AGNES BAIRD- Born on January 22, 1807 & christened on February 8, 1807 in Kilsyth. Her parents were JAMES BAIRD (A weaver in Kilsyth) & ELIZABETH MOFFAT. Agnes & Robert were married on July 12, 1831. She died on December 27, 1853.


*Note: Descendants of Robert Russell & Agnes Baird can be reached:
Mrs. Lynette Hall at or
Mrs. Lilian Cross at

3-3) MARGARET RUSSELL (Our direct ancestor)- Born May 13, 1800 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She married ROBERT ANDERSON (see him listed under generation 8-3 above) on November 17, 1821 in the Parish of Eastwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She died on March 19, 1838 in St. Enochs, Glasgow, Scotland.

*Note: Margaret was a third cousin once removed of Margaret Brown Dick & George Ronald Anderson in generation 9. They all share William Speirs & Janet Ker. Margaret's husband was a 1st cousin once removed of George.

3-4) JEAN RUSSELL- Born on October 2, 1802 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. She died on December 26, 1860 in Boston, Suffolk County, MA....+THOMAS TAYLOR- born October 28th, 1806 in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He married Jean on March 1, 1848. Thomas was a baker in Glasgow. On April 15, 1835 he immigrated to the United States and settled in Boston, Massachusetts. Thomas is living & working in the following places:

1850 Taylor, Thomas & Anderson, R., Grocers, Kneeland, corner Cove, house do. (Boston Business & residence of Thomas' & his nephew, Robert Anderson's. See Robert above under generation 9-1). There is a 1860 Boston Census of the 9th ward (Back Bay) listing Thomas Taylor (a baker, born in Scotland, & age 54), Jane (age 54 & born in Scotland, and John Anderson (Our direct ancestor; a clerk, age 28, & born in Scotland. See no. 9-4 under Robert & Margaret Anderson's children above).

3-5) JOHN RUSSELL- Born December 20, 1803 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He was lost at sea on his way to the West Indies c. 1832.

3-6) JAMES RUSSELL- Born in February 1807. He was a cabinet wright in Kilsyth. James died on September 2, 1877....+(1st wife) JANET RAE- Birth date & place unknown. Her parents were MARSHALL RAE (a blacksmith in St. Ninian's) & JANET ROBERTSON. She & James were married on September 13 (or 25), 1835 in Saint Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Janet died on May 28, 1874....+(2nd wife) JANET BUCHANAN- birth date and place are currently unknown. She married James on February 14, 1876.


William & Margaret (Wands) Russell's 5 children:

3-1) AGNES RUSSELL- Born on August 6, 1813 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire. On the 1841 census she is listed with her parents at Westport Street. She was 26 years old and a dressmaker. Agnes died on June 3, 1879 at her home at 324 Lexington Avenue in New York City, New York. The funeral was held there on June 6, 1872 at 10:00 a.m and the burial took place at the Woodlawn Cemetery....+JOHN BAIRD- Born on March 8, 1820 (or 1821) in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. His parents were JAMES BAIRD (of Duntocher, Dunbartonshire) & JANET FERGUS. John & Agnes's marriage date is unknown. They had six children. He was a prominent New York civil and mechanical engineer. John constructed New York's elevated railroads on 2nd and 6th Avenues among other projects. First he managed the Burden Iron Works in Troy, New York in the 1840s. John then settled in New York City in 1854 and was employed at the Delamater Iron Works. In 1850, he was the chief engineer & designer for the Cromwell Steamship Line (the boats ran between New York & New Orleans). Then John was Vice President & Manager of the Metropolitan Elevated Railroad Company in New York City. He was also a member of the Union League Club for 30 years. After Agnes died, he married ELIZABETH T. MACRINK in 1880. Then apparently, in 1882, John was put into an insane asylum and eventually released (There are several old articles about his health in the New York Times and Brooklyn Daily Eagle). John died on October 17, 1891 at his home at 324 Lexington Avenue in New York City.

3-5) JEAN RUSSELL- Born on December 25, 1814 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire.

3-2) ANN RUSSELL- Born on June 23, 1816 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire. On the 1841 census she is listed with her parents at Westport Street. She was 23 years

3-3) ELIZABETH RUSSELL- Born on May 3, 1819 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire & christened there on June 21, 1819.

3-4) WILLIAM RUSSELL- Born on December 19, 1820 in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire & christened there on January 1, 1821. On the 1841 census he is with his parents at Westport Street. William was 20 years old and a Wright (a joiner or carpenter like his father).



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