THE FAMILY OF PETER J. LANCE

         D233           Peter J. Lance           D23

    Peter J. Lance, son of Jacob Lance married Mary
Michael.  His descendents are:
   1. John, died 1917, married Cornelia White, lived Eliza-
      beth, N. J.;
        1. Howard, died in infancy;
        2. Cornelia, married John Ericson, New York City;
   2. Edward W., married Anna Erwine, Hopkins, Mich.;
        1. A son died in infancy;
   3. Mary E., died 1925, married Samuel Hopler;
        1. Lula Adessa, married Robert A. Jenkins, Nethers,
        2. Harriet M., Berwick, Pa.;
        3. Grace E., married James Wesley Robinson,
           Bloomsburg, Pa., six children;
   4. Harriet Susan, married Harvey Richards, died in 1911;
        1. Charles W. Richards, died 1911;
        2. Foster L., Williamsport, Pa.;
        3. Roy Edward, Berwick, Pa.
   5. William D., born Oct. 10, 1867, married Sarah E. Polk,
      317 East Ilth Street, Berwick, Pa.;
        1. Frank H., born July 5, 1902, married Pearl Lan-
           ning, Berwick, Pa.
        2. Cleo, Berwick, Pa.;
        3. William Richard, born Aug. 14, 1907, Berwick, Pa.

                    THE FAMILY OF PETER LANCE

         D343             Peter Lance            D34

    Peter Lance, son of John and Elizabeth Lance had two
   1. Married George Butler, 23 Bullman St., Philipsburg,
      New Jersey.

                   THE FAMILY OF GEORGE LANCE

         D344            George Lance            D34

    George Lance, son of John and Elizabeth Lance was
born May 14, 1793 and died April 21, 1872.  His descendents