George Lantz who came to America in 1748 is the
     father of Hans George Lantz who came in 1747 and he
     stands at the head of this George Lantz family of Virginia.
         Hans George Lantz and Nicolaus Lantz came from
     Leith, Scotland, October 20, 1747.

                     OUR MILITARY RECORD

                     The French and Indian War

         The French and Indian War of North America, 1752 to
     1763 was caused by boundary dispute between the English
     colonists and the French.  The dispute began to assume
     threatening from 1749 and culminated in war in 1754.
         The war cost the Colonists 30,000 men and sixteen mil-
     lions of dollars.  The British government reimbursed the
     Colonists with five million dollars.
         Paltzer Lantz twenty-eight years old, born in the state
     of New Jersey enlisted in Pennsylvania March 6, 1756.  Mus-
     ter roll of Major James Budd's first regiment of foot sol-
     diers in the pay of Pennsylvania.
         The War of the Revolution made it a little hard on the
     Lantz family as they had sworn allegiance to the British
     crown just a short time before that war began.

                        The Revolutionary War

         This War was a struggle of the English Colonies in
     America for their freedom from Great Britain, the Mother
     Country.  Dissatisfaction arose due to the fact that Great
     Gritain passed in Parliament many acts that were wholly
     unsatisfactory to the Colonists and acts which were very
     oppressive and burdensome.  This was done without the
     consent of the Colonists, so they cried, "Taxation without
     representation is tyranny."
         Morton's History of Highland County, Virginia, says
     that Peter Hull in the Yorktown Campaign commanded the
     second Battalion Augusta Melitia which was a cavalry troop.
         Officers of his troop,
         Peter Hull, Captain, Nicolous Sebert First Lieutenant,
     Henry Fisher and Lieutenant Jacob Hover, ensign, Jacob
     Lantz and Conrad Lantz privates.
         In Pennsylvania they enrolled the men from eighteen to
     fifty years of age and the following Lantzs' were enrolled
     in her militia:
         Jacob Lance, sixth class, fourth company, fifth bat-
     talion.  Lancaster Militia 1782, Joseph Jenkins, Capt.