The Pennsylvania Families are our oldest families in
    America, our people settled there as early as 1723, coming
       from the temporary settlement in New York which was
                      made in the year 1710.
        Hans (John) Lantz was born in Germany.  In 1749 he
      came to America, landing in Philadelphia from the ship
     Phoenix.  He settled in Green County, Pa., where he ac-
   quired 450 acres of land in 1781.  He died January or April
                  1817.  Will recorded in 1817.
       1. John (Hans) Lantz, 1 generation.  His wife's name
            was Barbara Wagner and she was last wife.
      2. John Lantz, B. 8-9-1773, D. 9-1-1858, M. Elizabeth
                      Bonnett  (See 105 A.)
              3. Andrew Lantz,   left land in Ohio.
                       4. Catherine Lantz.
                    5. Mary Lantz, M. Styles.
                        6. William Lantz.
                         7. George Lantz.
                  8. Lewis Lantz, M  . Barbara.
        9. Jacob Lantz, D. 1791, D. 1858, M. Delilah Coen,
                    Famer, hunter. (See 11 A).
         10. Alexander Lantz, 1793-1873, Margaret Minor.
                           (See 64 A.)
                       11. Elizabeth Lantz.
           lla. Jacob Lantz, 11 generation, See No. 9.
            12. Simmon Lantz, D. 1855, M. Lucy Thomas.
            13. Alexander Lantz, D. 1875, M. Shriver.
        14. John Lantz, 1829-1912, M. Sarah Bradford, (See
      15. William Lantz, B. 4-27-1835-1901, M. Kent B. 1837.
     Was running a horse and a board projecting into the road
     caught his leg, threw him off on a post and killed him.