H5142      Emma Susan Lantz           H514

    Emma Susan, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Lantz
was born Nov. 12, 1851.  She was educated in a young
woman's seminary at New Market, Va., and taught for a
number of years in the public schools of Shenandoah County
and Woodstock.  She was the first lady to take the public
school examination in Shenandoah County in 1873.  She held
a professional certificate.  After the death of her sister, Mrs.
T. 0. Keester, she kept house for Rev.  Mr. Keester and
helped raise his family of four children, living with them in
Greencastle, Pa., Roanoke, Va., and Pittsburgh, Pa.  She was
knocked down by a boy running against her on the street
in Pittsburgh and suffered a broken limb.  After leaving the
Passavant Hospital, she came to her home in Edinburgh,
where she is still living.  All through her life, she was noted
for her ability and wonderful energy.  She was a tireless
worker in her church, Red Cross and other Civic Affairs.

         H5143       Charles Albert Lantz        H514

    Charles Albert Lantz, son of Samuel and Rebecca Lantz
was born March 20, 1854.  He was an efficient clerk in a
large store in Mt.  Jackson for a number of years.  After his
father's death, he had charge of the home farm which he
managed with great success.  He was killed by a falling
tree, Jan. 25, 1887 and is buried in Edinburg.

         H5144     Ann Elizabeth Whissen          H514

    Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Lantz
was born June 3, 1856.  She married H. A. Whissen, April
12, 1900.  She was a woman of fine business qualifications
and a great worker in her church.  She died Oct. 13, 1908
and is buried in Edinburg, Va.

         H5145        Mary Belle Lantz            H514

    Mary Belle, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Lantz was
born April 24, 1859, at Union Forge.  She received her edu-
cation in the public schools and at Strasburg Graded and
Classical School.  She became a teacher in 1876 and by at-
tending local and state normals, received a professional
certificate.  She taught for thirty years in the schools of
Shenandoah and neighboring counties.  She retired on a
pension in 1912 and lives at her home in Edinburg, where
with her sister she is engaged in superintending the old