Colleges in S. Carolina; 1923, she married Jesse Furman
Ouzts of Greenwood, S. Carolina.  In 1925, she spent the
@ummer touring Great Britain and Continental Europe dur-
ing which time she attended lectures at the Sorbonne in
Paris.  She is a member of the Daughters of the American
Revolution and prominent in the social life of Greenwood,
S. Carolina.  She has no children.


         H515          Mary Ann Rinker           H51

    Mary Ann, daughter of George and Christina (Maphis)
Lantz was born July 18, 1822.  Jan. 26, 1843, she married
Captain Israel Rinker of Co. K, 12th Virginia Cavalry.  Mr.
Rinker was born Sept. 21, 1818 and was killed in Frederick
County, Virginia, August 17, 1862.  She afterwards married
Abraham Neff.  She had children:

   1. Virginia Ellen;
   2. Victoria Katherine, born June 21, 1845;
   3. George Absolom, born Mar. 9, 1847;
   4. Robert Samuel;
   5. Rebecca Jane, born Jan. 11, 1850;
   6. Ann Elizabeth, born Jan. 30, 1852;
   7. Mary Laura, born Nov. 9,1853;
   8. Alice Louisa, born Jan. 27, 1855;
   9. James Buckhannon, born Dec. 18,1856;
   a. Charles Levi, born Feb. 11, 1859, died June 9, 1929;
   b. John Casper, born May 7,1861.

         H5151          Virginia Hammond         H515

    Virginia Ellen, daughter of Captain Israel and Mary
Ann (Lantz) Rinker was born Jan. 1, 1844.  Jan. 15, 1864,
she married Reuben Edward Hammond, who died Mar. 6,
1876.  She died Feb. 6, 1927.  She had children:
   1. Effie Alice;
   2. Clara Rinker;
   3. Mary Roberta;
   4. John Randolph Tucker;
   5. Reuben Edward, born Oct. 3, 1876, died Aug. 27, 1913;

         H5154          Robert S. Rinker         H515

    Robert S. Rinker, son of Captain Israel Rinker and
Mary Anne (Lantz) Rinker was born June 14, 1848 and
died May 21, 1914.  When quite a young man, he went to