Missouri and spent some years there, teaching in the public
schools of that state.  He returned to Virginia and married
Mary Zehring in Oct. 1876.  His greatest public interest was
in the cause of prohibition.  He worked and voted for pro-
hibition when is was a very unpopular issue.  He and his
wife spent all of their married life on the "Zehring Farm,"
three miles west of Mt.  Jackson.  They had children:

   1. Pearlie Anna, born Jan. 1878 and died in July of same
   2. Mary Zehring;
   3. Magdeline Alice;
   4. Sarah Rebecca, born Sept. 1882, died Aug. 1883;
   5. Ella Atchison;
   6. Robert Israel;
   7. Freeman Mathias;
   8. Charlotte Elizabeth;
   9. John Moffett;
   a. Levering, born June 27, 1896 and died Aug. 1896.

         H51511           Effie Rinker           H5151

    Effie Alice, daughter of Reuben and Virginia Ellen
Hammond was born April 15, 1865.  Oct. 25, 1889, she mar-
ried Peter Snyder Ursinus Riiiker, son of Colonel Levi
Rinker.  She has children:

   1. Levi, born Oct. 1891, died April 1892;
   2. Harry Koortz;
   3. Virginia Ellen, born Aug. 10, 1896, married Hans Blum,
      Oct. 1922;
   4. Martha Jane, born Feb. 22, 1899, married Dec. 1919,
      David Warrick Burrus.

         H51512          Clara McKillip          H5151

    Clara Rinker, daughter of Reuben and Virginia Ellen
Hammond was born Sept. 7, 1868.  Mar. 14, 1913, she mar-
ried Franklin George McKillip.

         H51513          Mary Forsyth            H5151

    Mary Roberta, daughter of Reuben and Virginia Ellen
Hammond was born Jan. 21, 1872.  Dec. 26, 1906, she mar-
ried James Dickson Forsyth.  They had children:

   1. James Dickson, Jr., born Dec. 23, 1907;
   2. Margaret Jane, born Nov. 13, 1909;
   3. Ellen Hammond, born Dec. 11, 1911.