H51548     Charlotte Elizabeth Rinker   H5154

    Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Robert S. and Mary
Rinker was born Dec. 23, 1891.  After attending public and
private schools from home she graduated from Collegiate
Institute, Dayton, Va., and the State Normal School of Har-
risonburg, Va.  She taught school in Virginia and Maryland.
Since 1918, she has held Federal positions in Washington,
Honolulu, and New York City, where she is now living.

          H51549         John M. Rinker          H5154

    John Moffett Rinker was born June 19, 1894.  In June
1914, he graduated from Shenandoah Collegiate Institute,
Dayton, Va.  He married Rulette Virginia Gollady and lives
on the farm where his parents spent their enire life.  They
have children:

   1. Lucile Wine, born Feb. 1918;
   2. John Moffett, born Nov. 1919;
   3. Mary Frances, born Jan. 1921;
   4. Vera Rulette, born Feb. 1922;
   5. Robert Holt, born Dec. 1923;
   6. Jack Putman, born April 1924;
   7. George Calvin, born Dec. 1926;
   8. Ruth Elder, born Dec. 1927;
   9. Louise Zehring, born April 1929.

         H515112         Harry K. Rinker         H51511

    Harry Koortz, son of Peter and Effie (Hammond)
Rinker was born Feb. 25, 1893.  Oct. 1926, he married Nellie
Holtzniger.  They have two children:
   1. Harry Koortz, II, born Mar. 5, 1928;
   2. John Highland, born May, 1929.


         H516          Catherine Bennett         H51

    Catherine, daughter of George and Christina (Maphis)
Lantz was born June 16, 1828.  Feb. 8, 1853, she married
Joseph Madison Bennett, who died Nov. 23, 1861, fighting
for the cause he thought was right.  She died Aug. 13, 1886.
She had the following children:

   1. Georgia Anna, born Dec. 14. 1853;
   2. Laura Frances;
   3. Helen Mar;