H5177        Kirby Smith Hammond        H517

    Kirby Smith Hammond, son of Samuel and Christina
Hammond married Mollie Henry.  He died in 1924 at his
home in Water Lick, Warren County, Penna.  He had no

         H51732     Beauford Earnest Hammond     H5173

    Beauford Earnest Hammond, son of James Buchanan
and Mary (Clanahan) Hammond was born Aug. 16, 1882.
Sept. 10, 1907, he married Lucy J. Rinker.  They have four

   1. Aveline Corryme;
   2. James Bartlett;
   3. Dwight LeRoy;
   4. Gwendolyn Elizabeth.

         H51741           Marie Wilson           H5174

    Marie Augusta, daughter of Charles and Anna (Ger-
bert) Hammond was born Dec. 27, 1885.  June 14, 1913, she
married Major Roy Warren Wenson, of Glouchester, Mass.


         G518           George W. Lantz          H51

    George Washington Lantz, son of George and Christina
(Maphis) Lantz was born June 16, 1828.  Feb. 26, 1852, he
married Mary E. Bennett, who was born Feb. 15, 1830 and
died Aug. 26, 1908.  He died Aug. 19, 1904.  Mr. Lantz lived
at Lake View Farm, about four miles from Edinburg, the
farm which he owned and operated very successfully.  Later,
he purchased the Moore farm, a large tract of land situated
one mile from Mt.  Jackson.  This is considered one of the
finest farms in this part of the Valley.  In 1899, he moved
there and spent the rest of his life.
    Mr. Lantz served in the Civil War.  He was a charter
stockholder in the Mt.  Jackson National Bank and a member
of the Reformed Church, Edinburg Charge.  He had children:
   1.  William Calvin;
   2.  Virginia F., born Oct. 4, 1856, died July 5, 1858;
   3.  Jacob, born April 7, 1859, died Sept. 21, 1861;
   4.  Fanny J., born Sept. 4, 1861, died Dec. 15, 1861;
   5.  Ella Eva;
   6.  Betty Bell.