Landing Sept. 25, 1748, from Patience and Margaret,
     Johannes (Jacob) Lantz. Age 30.
          Landing Sept. 15 1749 from Phoenix, Hans Lantz.
          Landing Oct. 13, 1749 from Lydia Christian Lentz.
          Landing Oct. 11, 175  from Patience, Christian Ulrich
          Landing Aug. 28, 1750, from Phoenix, George Fred-
     erick Lintz.
          Landing Sept. 14, 1751, from Duke of Bedford, Johan
     Christian Lentz.
          Landing Oct. 4,1751, from Queen of Denmark, Andreas
          Landing Sept. 15, 1752, from Two Brothers, Johann
     Peter Lentz.
          Landing Sept. 22, 1752, from Brothers, George Lentz.
          Landing Sept. 23, 1752, from St. Andrew, Andreas
          Landing Nov. 2, 1752, from Phoenix, Baltzer Lantz.
          Landing Sept. 14,1753, from Edinburgh, Philip Lantz,
     Betman Lentz.
          Landing Sept. 24, 1753, from Peggy, Johannis Lintz
     (Letz).  Age 19.
          Landing Sept. 30, 1754, from Neptune, Johannes Lentz.
          Landing Nov. 7, 1754, from John and Elizabeth, Johan
     Wendel Lentz.
          Landing Nov. 10, 1764, from Mathew Carr, Diebolt
          Landing Sept. 23, 1766, from Chance, Martin Lantz.
          Landing Oct. 18, 1766, from Polly, Joh.  Jacob Lentz.
          Landing Oct. 26, 1768, from Betsy, Johann Nickel Lintz,
     Johann Nickel Lintz, Jr.
          Landing Oct. 9, 1775 ,from King of Prussia, Job. Georg
          Landing Oct. 5, 1795, from Calen Earl, Elizabeth Lants,
     Johann Jacob Lents (joiner).
          Landing Sept. 10, 1804,   from Margaret, Henry Lenz
     wife and four children, age 43 from Bentelspach; farmer:
     51/2 ft tall with dark brown hair.
          Landing July 26, 1806, from Katharine, Daniel Lintz.

                   WAR RECORDS OF THE LANTZS
                     French and Indian Wars

         Ballzer or Paltzer Lantz enlisted Mar. 26, 1756 in Major
     Burd's Company, First Regiment of Foot of the Province