THE FAMILY OF GEORGE LENTZ

              J412         George Lentz          J41

    George Lentz, son of Henry and Lydia (Bupp) Lantz
married Kate Ault.  His descendent,% are:
   1. John W., Maybee, Mich.;
       1. Clarence C., Milan, Mich.;
       2. Otto C., Payne, Ohio;
       3. Hazel C., married Smith, Milan, Mich.;
       4. Leland Edward, Hillsdale;
       5. Agnes Leona, married Chicas, Deerfield, Mich.;
   2. Frederick H., Columbus Grove, O.;
       1. Sarah, married Thrasher, Lima, Ohio;
       2. George, Lima, Ohio;
       3. Jesse, Columbus Grove, Ohio;
       4. Stella, married Larue, Columbus Grove, Ohio;
       5. Ormanda, married Konkleman, Flint, Mich.;
       6. Raymond, Columbus Grove, Ohio;
       7. Russell, single, Flat Rock, Mch;
       8. Harmon, single, Columbus Grove, O.;
       9. John, single, Columbus Grove, Ohio;
   3. Lydia, married J. H. Jones;
       1. Sarah, married McKurcha, Milan, Mich.;
       2. William;
       3. May, married Sargent, Columbus Grove, Ohio;
       4. Hugh;
       5. Marie, married McAdams;
       6. George, Milan, Mich.;
   4. James E., Milan, Mich.;
       1. Winona, married Campbell, Milan, Mich.;
       2. Lenard;
       3. Lester;
       4. Katherine, married Warner, Ann Arbor, Mich.;
       5. Wanda, married Bond;
       6. Reno;
       7. Albert;
       8. Alice;
       9. Edward;
       a. Howard;
       b. Dorcas;
       c. Robert;
   5. Lulu, married Vandermark, Lima, Ohio;
       1. Clair;
       2. Andrel;