was associated with me in business and now lives in New
     York who did all the compiling.  He has my lasting thanks.
          My brother-in-law George W. Giede who married my
     only sister came to my rescue and will see to the publication.
     Miss Naomi Lantz of Lancaster city, Pa., gave me informa-
     tion that was very valuable for it came when I most needed
     it. Rev.  William Troy Lantz of Epperly, W. Va., traveled
     200 or 300 miles to see what manner of man I be that could
     work fifteen years and still not have a published book.
          He was doing the same thing and offered me full use
     of his manuscript and I am indebted to him for the letter
     from Dr. Otto Mauker of Germany regarding the meaning
     of the name "Lantz."
         There are many others I would like to mention but
     space forbids.
                            Fraternally yours,
                                               J. W. LANTZ.
     Cedar Springs, Virginia.