CHRISTIAN LANTZ

          The Lantzs of Leitersburg District, Md.

    Christian Lantz, the founder of the Lantz family of
Leitersburg, Md., was born in Lancaster County, Pa.  He
came to Leitersburg District in 1775 with his entire family.
Here he purchased for 2350 L 476 acres of land laying along
the Turnpike and Antietam Creek.  Here he resided until
his death in 1798.  The extent of the purchase and the price
paid indicate that he was a man of comparative wealth and
there is ample evidence that his position in the community
was one of influence.  He was an ardent patriot and served
as one of the Committee of Observation, representing Upper
Antietam Hundred, for Elizabethtown District from the
organization of that body, Sept. 12, 1775 to Thursday, Jan.
9, 1777 when he resigned.  During that time he had filled
many important offices and served as Captain in the Mary-
land Militia mustered in the District.  He was a member of
the Lutheran Church, serving as elder in the Jacob's Church
1795-6 and was treasurer for several years.
    He built one of the first mills in this district.  He was
a mason by trade.  In 1792, he assigned the mill property
to his son, Christian, and the adjoining farm to his son,
George.  His wife's name was Elizabeth and they had three
children: Christian, George, and Rosanna.
    Christian Lantz was probably a brother of Hans (John)
Lantz (B), who lived in Caernarvon Township, Lancaster
County, Pa.  It is very likely that they are both members
of the family who came to Pennsylvania in 1732, consisting
of John Lantz, his wife Maria Lantz, his mother, Christina
Lantz, and his son John Lents.  Or, they may have been sons
of the Johannes Lantz, who came to Tulpehocken by way
of New York.

         A1           Christian Lantz              A

    Christian Lantz, son of Christian and Elizabeth Lantz
was born in Lancaster County about 1750.  He came to
Maryland with his father early in 1775.  In 1792, his father
assigned the Mill property to him.  This was his home until
his death which occurred in 1811.  He married Elizabeth
and they had children: Christian; George; Adam; and

         A2             George Lantz               A

    George Lantz, son of Christian and Elizabeth Lantz
was born in Lancaster County, May 19, 1766 and came to