John Byer, who served as a Captain of Militia during the
war of 1812.  They had no children.

         A21       Rose Ann E. L. Ziegler        A2

    Rose Ann Elizabeth Lantz, daughter of George and
Barbara (Ziegler) Lantz was born on the old homestead
in Washington County, Md.  She married Frederick Ziegler.
They inherited and lived in the old brick mansion built by
her father, George Lantz along the Turnpike.  They had
children: Elizabeth, see family of Elizabeth Z. Fletcher
(A211); George W., see family of George W. Ziegler
(A212) ; Catherine, see family of Catherine Z. Byer (A213) ;
Magdalina, unmarried; Sophia, unmarried; Anna, see family
of Anna Z. Heck (A216); Lewis, see family of Lewis Zieg-
ler (A217) ; Frederick K., see family of Frederick K. Ziegler
(A218); Henry, unmarried; David, unmarried; Barbara,
unmarried; and Lydia, see family of Lydia Z. Leiter (A21c).

         A22        Catherine L. Zeigler         A2

    Catherine Lantz, daughter of George and Barbara
Lantz was born on the old homestead, July 12, 1792.  She
married Lewis Zeigler.  She died Jan. 26, 1851.  They had
children: Magdalena, married Dr. Josiah Harris, no chil-
dren; George L., born 1812, died 1866, unmarried; Lewis,
see family of Lewis Zeigler (A223); Barbara, born 1817,
died 1842, unmarried; Frederick, died in infancy; Elizabeth,
see family of Elizabeth Z. Martin (A226); Samuel, see
family of Samuel Zeigler (A227); Charles A., see family of
Charles A. Zeigler (A228); James, see family of James
Zeigler (A229); and Mary, see family of Mary Z. Ground

         A31              John Bell              A3

    John Bell, son of Frederick and Rosina (Lantz) Bell
was born in Leitersburg District, June 29, 1791.  He was a
blacksmith by trade and first established himself in business
at a shop on his father's farm, after which he was located
in the vicinity of Ringgold, and finally on the Smithburg
Road a mile east of Leitersburg, where he died April 12,
1830.  John Bell was a Lutheran and an officer in the con-
gregation at Leitersburg District.  In the war of 1812, being
an unmarried man, he entered the ranks in place of his
uncle, Jacob Bell and participated in the Battle of Baltimore.
He married Elizabeth, daughter of George Bonebrake.  They
had children: Kate Bell, married Leonard Barrack, moved