paign County, Ohio, and had following children: Christian
Zook, of Fairfield Co., O.; Jonathan Zook, of Fairfield Co.,
O.; Jacob Zook, who moved to Mich.; Catherine, married
Joseph Yoder, resided at Danvers, Ill.; Lydia, married
Joseph Kurtz, resided in Danvers, Ill.; Nancy, married John
Plank, resided in Danvers, Ill.; and Sally, married Joseph
King, resided Fairfield Co., O.; David.

         B12          Christian Lantz            B1

    Christian Lantz, son of Christian Lantz was born Nov.
12, 1781.  He moved to Mifflin County with the rest of the
family and married Maria Hertzler.  He was a farmer and
member of the Amish Mennonite Church.  He died near
Danvers, Ill., in 1859.  He had children: Jonathan, see family
of Jonathan Lantz (B121); Levi, see family of Levi Lantz
(B122); Gabriel, see family of Gabriel Lantz (B123);
Fanny, died unmarried in Indiana; Leah, married Richards;
Sally, married Say; Polly, see family of Polly Lantz Yoder

         B13            Jacob Lantz              B1

    Jacob Lantz, son of Christian Lantz was born July 25,
1784.  He had two sons and four daughters: David, died
unmarried when a young man; Absolom, had two sons and
two daughters, one of whom married Charley Viscel, living
in Creslin, Iowa; Nancy, married Burns and had children,
Sam, born 1847, married Kate Yoder; Jacob; another daugh-
ter married Miller; and another married Stutsman.  This
family is included in the Hostetler-Stutsman genealogy.

         B15       Barbara Lantz Plank           B1

    Barbara, daughter of Christian Lantz was born July 2,
1794 and died April 27, 1860.  She married John Plank and
they had children: Christian, born Jan. 14, 1817, died May
31, 1891, unmarried; Samuel, see family of Samuel Plank
(B512); Lydia, see family of Lydia Yoder (B153); Cath-
erine, see family of Catherine Kaufmann (B154); Nancy,
see family of Nancy Hooley (B155); Barbara, born Nov. 7,
1826; died June 1, 1833; Sarah, born May 13, 1831; died
June 5, 1833; John, see family of John Plank (B156) ; Isaac
C., see family of Isaac C. Plank (B157); David, born April
10, 1839; died Sept. 14, 1843; Solomon, see family of Solo-
mon Plank (B158).