ford; Lydia Ellan, born June 16, 1872, died 1915, unmarried;
John Priestly; David W.; Sarah Anna; Christian Burley;
Harvey Wells; and Chauncy M.

         B423a          John S. Lantz            B423

    John S. Lantz, son of Christian and Leah Lantz was
born Jan. 12, 1849, died Oct. 28, 1920.  His home was at
Normal, Ill.  He married Addah Clark and had children:
Arthur Clifford, born July 20, 1876, died July 21, 1884;
Anna Maud; Elmer Z., born Sept. 7, 1881, died Nov. 25,
1887; and John Howard, born Aug. 13, 1887, died April 28,

          B423b       Simeon B. Lantz          B423

    Simeon B. Lantz, son of Christian and Leah Lantz was
born Jan. 23, 1851.  He married Evalina Hoar.  They had
two children: Evaleah Bertha; and Harold Adam.

          B423c        Menno S. Lantz          B423

    Menno S. Lantz, son of Christian and Leah Lantz was
born Feb. 7, 1854, died April, 1920. His home is at
Schwenksville, Pa.  In 1881, he married Maude Ashe and
they had one child: Grace Maria Evangeline Maud Lantz,
who was born Aug. 26, 1882, married Charles L. Anderson
in 1910, and has no children, live at 6330 McCallum St., Ger-
mantown, Pa.

          B42311       Menno S. Beiler         B4231

    Menno S. Beiler, son of Joseph and Magdalina (Lantz)
Beiler was born Sept., 1860.  In 1880, he married Anna
Beiler and they had children: Susan C. Beiler; Joseph L.,
born Oct. 11, 1885, died Feb. 6, 1891; Lydia L.; Mary M.,
born July 10, 1890, married David Beiler; Simeon B., born
May 27, 1893; Melinda E., born Feb. 24, 1895; Josiah M.,
born June 17, 1896; John Z., born Nov. 20, 1901; and
Emanuel B., born Sept. 21, 1904, died Feb. 19, 1906.

         B42332      Christiana Lantz Umble      B4233

           Further information Mrs. I. K. Umble

              37 S. Ann Street, Lancaster, Pa.
    Christina Lantz, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Zook)
Lantz was born Aug. 13, 1863.  She married Isaac K. Umble.
They had children: Sara Olive Umble, born Feb. 13, 1891;
Maurice Lantz Umble, born Dec. 8, 1892, married Lena