epidemic of dysentery struck the family and eight of the
family died within two weeks.  They then moved to Scott's
Mountain, which they thought was a healthier location.  The
house in which he lived at this location is still standing.
Michall made several trips back to Germany and one of his
descendents (Frank S. Lance of Phillipsburg, N. J.) has a
flask which he carried with him on these trips.  His will
probated Feb. 16, 1778, and dated Aug. 23, 1777 mentions
the following children: John; Peter; George; Henry; and

         D2             Peter Lance              D

    Peter Lance, son of Michall Lantz was buried in Easton,
Pa. He had three children: John; Susanna; and Jacob.

         D3            George Lance              D

    George Lance, son of Michall Lantz had the following
children: George, Montanah, Warren Co., N. J.; Abraham,
had a son Abram in Burro Co., Ill.; Martin, had son Abran
in Wyandotte Co., Ohio; John; Susanna, married John
Cyphers; Anna, married Isaac Shoemaker; Elizabeth, mar-
ried Thomas Thatcher; and Michael.

         D21            John Lance               D2

    John Lance, son of Peter Lance died at Nescopeck, Pa.,
in Nov. 1868.  He had two children: John, see family of John
Lance (D211); and Elizabeth, see family of Elizabeth L.
Bond (D212).

         D22          Susannah Heller            D2

    Susanna, daughter of Peter Lance was born June 9,
1797, and died May 4, 1872.  She married Christopher Heller
and had children: Michel Heller;, Sarah Heller; and Mary,
see family of Mary Hartzel (D223).

         D23            Jacob Lance              D2

    Jacob Lance, son of Peter Lance had three children:
Edward Lance; William Lance; and Peter J., see family of
Peter J. Lance (D223).

         D34            John Lance               D3

    John Lance, son of George Lance was born May 14,
1795 and died April 21, 1872.  He married Elizabeth and
they had children: Jesse, unmarried; John, unmarried;