YOGHAN POUL LANTZ

            The Lantzs of Lampeter Township, Pa.

    Yoghan Poul Lantz was born in Germany in 1733 and
came to America in the Bilander "Thistle" and landed in
Philadelphia, Oct. 28, 1738.  There is a tradition among his
descendents that he was kidnapped in the Upper Rhine
Valley or on the border of Switzerland and brought to
America.  Upon his arrival in this country, as was the
usual custom, he was bound out to a farmer to pay cost of
transportation, etc.  Paul was bound to Mr. Peter Yordy
(who married Margaret Leiber), of Lampeter Township,
Lancaster County, Pa.  Mr. Yordy was a large prosperous
farmer and Paul grew up on the farm and married the
daughter, Feronica Yordy.  Upon the death of his father-in-
law, he inherited the farm.  He died in 1808.  His will pro:
bated in 1810 mentions the following children: John,
Feronica; Christian; Jacob; and Mary.
    Egle's notes and queries ascribes two other children
to him: Peter, who had two sons, Paul and Felix and one
daughter, all of whom are supposed to reside in Westmore-
land Co.; and Eliza, died in Carroll Co., Ind., about 1874 at
age 92.
    As these two children are not mentioned in the will, it
is very probable that Mr. Egle was misinformed.

         Fl              John Lantz              F

    John Lantz, the eldest son of Jacob Paul and Feronica
Lantz was born in Lancaster County in 1761.  He married
Christina Kreider (born 1704-died 1795), who died leaving
him with four small children.  He married Regina Sherrick,
by whom he had one child.  He died in 1806, the oldest child
then being 17 and the youngest only 9. The widow placed
out all the children.  She was married twice after this.  Mrs.
Klepper, of Ephrata, Washington has the Bible which be-
longed to John Lantz and which has always been handed
down to the youngest child.  She also has a razor which
belonged to John Lantz, which has his name engraved on it.
He had children: Susan; Abraham; John; Tobias; and

         F2             Jacob Lantz              F

    Jacob Lantz, son of Paul and Feronica (Yordy) Lantz
was born on the farm in Lampeter Township, in 1763.  He
married Elizabeth Rodocher.  He was a farmer and car-