penter and lived in Lancaster County, Pa., where he died
Oct. 27, 1837.  He had children: Jacob; John; Elizabeth;
Susan; Catherine.

         F3       Feronica L. Diffenbaugh        F

    Feronice Lantz, daughter of Paul and Feronica (Yordy)
Lantz was born on the farm in Lampeter Township.  She
married Adam Diffenbaugh (Egle says she married a Mr.
Lehr).  They owned and lived on a 315 acre farm in Lamp-
eter Township, Lancaster Co., Pa.  Mr. Diffenbaugh died in
1782 and Mrs. Diffenbaugh about 1813.  They had children:
Catherine; Susanna; John; George; Henry; Andrew; and

         F4           Christian Lantz            F

    Christian Lantz, son of Paul and Feronica Lantz mar-
ried the Widow Bechtly late in life.  He died at age 62.  They
had no children.

         F5         Mary Lantz Warfel            F
     Mary Lantz, daughter of Paul and Feronica Lantz mar-
ried Jacob Warfel.

         F11       Susan Lantz Campbell          F1

    Susan Lantz, daughter of John and Christiana
(Kreider) Lantz was born July 14, 1789 in Lancaster
County, Pa.  Upon her mother's death, she went to live with
Abraham Landis.  She went to Rockport, Ohio with the
Landis family and married Richard Campbell in 1824.  They
had a farm near Frederickstown, Knox County, Ohio.  She
died June 17, 1868.  She had the following children: Daniel,
see family of Daniel Campbell (F111); Mary, see family of
Mary Rowe (F112) ; Margaret; Elizabeth, see family of
Elizabeth Bauer (F114); and Susan, married William Camp-
bell and resided in Iowa.

         F12          Abraham Lantz              F1

    Abraham Lantz, son of John and Christiana Lantz was
born May 5, 1791.  Upon his mother's death he went with
his sister to Abraham Landis'.  When the Landis family
went west in 1809 he went to his Uncle Jacob Lantz.  Here
he learned the carpenter's trade.  June 6, 1819, he married
Magdalina Sites (born 1795-died 1862).  From Lancaster
County, they moved to Franklin County, Pa., and then to
Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.  In 1846, he was chosen