by lot a preacher in the Reformed Mennonite Church in
which office he remained a faithful minister until his death.
He died May 22, 1870.  He had nine children: Jacob, see
family of Jacob Lantz (F121) ; Samuel, see family of Samuel
Lantz (F122); Fanny, see family of Fanny Staman
(F123); Abraham, see family of Abraham Staman (F124);
Martha, see family of Martha Hout (F125); Francis, mar-
ried Electa Wallace, Apr. 11, 1814, resided at Mansfield, O.;
born Oct. 11, 1827, lived on old Homestead, no children;
Henry, born Jan. 24, 1830, died 1911, unmarried; Esther,
born Jan. 24,1830, unmarried; and Mary, see family of Mary
Ashton (F129).

         F13             John Lantz              F1

    John Lantz, son of John and Christiana Lantz was born
Nov. 26, 1792.  Upon his mother's death he went to live with
his Uncle Jacob Lantz.  Here he learned the blacksmith's
trade.  In 1818, he married Mary Trout.  In 1833, they
moved to Franklin County, where he bought a farm.  He
died in 1878.  His children: Barbara Frank Lantz, born Nov.
29, 1818, Chambersburg, Pa.; Maria, see family of Maria
Miller (F132) ; Elizabeth, see family of Elizabeth Frey
(F133) ; Susan, born Oct. 6, 1822, died Apr. 7, 1908, unmar-
ried, Winchester, Va.; Martha, born Nov. 25, 1823; John,
see family of John Lantz (F136); Catherine, see family of
Catherine Hauptman (F137) ; and Anna, born Dec. 22, 1832.

         F14            Tobias Lantz             F1

    Tobias Lantz, son of John and Christiana Lantz was
born Nov. 25, 1794.  Upon his mother's death, he went to
Lebanon, Pa., to live with his grandfather, Tobias Kreider.
Here he was taught the tailor's trade.  In 1820 he married
Charlotte Ressley (born 1802-died 1848) and in 1850 he
married Catherine Ream.  He had five children all by the
first wife: Elizabeth, see family of Elizabeth Emrich
(F141); Maria, born Mar. 4, 1824, married Frederick
Stager,  no children; Catherine, see family of Catherine
Bleistin (F143); Sarah A., see family of Sarah Benson
(F144); and Cyrus Ressley, see family of Cyrus R. Lantz

         F15            Jacob Lantz              F1
    Jacob Lantz, son of John and Regina (Sherrick) Lantz
was born in Lancaster County, Pa., April 5, 1797.  After his
mother's death, he was bound out to a farmer.  When he