G2         Hans George Lantz            G

    George Lantz, son of Jacob Lantz, was born in Albany
Township, near New Tripoli, Penna., Aug. 21, 1751.  He
moved south and settled in Lincoln County, N. Car., in 1787.
He made frequent trips back to the old home and visited
his brothers in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  He married-
first, Fannie Anthony, and after her death, the Widow
Dietz.  He died Apr. 4, 1827 and was buried in Daniel's
Churchyard, Lincoln County, N. Car.  He had children:
Samuel; -Barbara, born 1781, died in infancy; and Jacob.

         G3             Henry Lantz              G

     Henry Lantz, son of Jacob Lantz, was born in Albany
Township.  In 1792, he moved with his family to Northum-
berland County, where he died Sept. 14, 1802.  His children:
Jacob; John; Henry; Daniel; Samuel; Jonathan; Mary, born
Nov. 27, 1783, died Oct. 25, 1874, married Jacob Gass; Eliza-
beth, married Jacob Segfreitz, Delaware, Ohio; Rebecca,
married Abraham Pollmer, Milton, Penn.

         G11            Henry Lantz              G1

    Henry Lantz, son of Jacob Lantz, was born Jan. 21,
1785 and died Oct. 11, 1859. He married Ann Maria Smutz
and lived at Keedysville, Maryland.  He had children: Ezra,
see family of Ezra Lantz (G111); AbrahaM born Dec. 17,
1819, died Dec. 17, 1852, unmarried; Jacob, see family of
Jacob Lantz (G113); Mariah, see family of Maria Reilly

         G12             John Lantz              G1

    John Lantz, son of Jacob Lantz, lived in Maryland
where he raised a family.  He afterwards moved to Jefferson
County, Pa., whence he was accompanied by some of his
children, while others remained in Maryland.  He married
Susannah and was a farmer.  His children: Jacob, see family
of Jacob Lantz (G121); John, lived in Frederick County,
Md.; Frederick, lived in Frederick, Md.; Martin, see family
of Martin Lantz (G124); Peggy, married William Neil, lived
in Maryland; Margaret, see family of Margaret Gaghagen
(G126); Susannah, see family of McDonald (G127); Polly,
married Isaac Peck, lived in Penn.